Virgo 2018 Career Horoscope

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You’re in your third year of a twelve year cycle, as Jupiter makes its way through Scorpio, your solar Third House. Two years ago, you got the inspiration for something new and exciting. If you’ve believed in yourself enough since then, you’ve been working to develop and profit by this seed concept. This year you begin to see that your project is taking on a life of its own—but a life that will be snuffed out if you neglect it during this tender stage. Your efforts will go relatively smoothly this year, but then you aren’t putting your idea to the test yet; that will begin next year. In the meantime, talk it up, gather information, test your market, and develop a network to support your endeavor.

After November 23, Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, beginning a year when you’ll be challenged to let go of some of your old ways to make room for the new. You’ll have to make a commitment to the new enterprise. This is the bumpiest phase as your jet leaves the ground for the first time.

With Saturn in Leo again this year, some of your attention is focused on issues that appear hidden and are hard to explain or justify to others. However, they are visible, and you will benefit from getting others’ perspectives on your situation. Ailments, whether yours or someone else’s, may arise that are difficult to diagnose, and you may feel confined in a situation or location this year. Whatever happens, you’ll feel a spiritual obligation to stick with it. You’ve been dealing with these issues since Saturn moved into Leo in June of the last year. As this year unfolds, you’ll discover more definitive solutions to the dilemmas you’ve faced.

Chiron is in Aquarius and your Sixth House. Although you’re always working on improving your health and lifestyle, this is the most opportune time to deal with those issues you’ve been putting off. Your motto could be, Patient, heal thyself, as you take more responsibility for preventing health problems from recurring. This is also the time to deal with difficult situations in the workplace. If there are any circumstances that aren’t healthy for you, you must change them, whether they are the physical dynamics of your desk and chair or the psychological and emotional undercurrents between people.

Uranus travels the middle degrees of Pisces and your solar Seventh House. This is one more year of learning how to relate to others in a new way. You’re beginning to see yourself more objectively, as others see you, and you’re discovering that you’re not so bad. In fact, you deserve to have all the joys of success and intimacy that anyone with your skills and sincerity has. This is a freeing experience, and you feel lighter and more adventurous, especially when it comes to connecting with others.

Neptune remains in Aquarius and your Sixth House, continuing the process of sensitizing you to the subtle energies that influence all of us on a moment-by-moment basis. Particularly when you are working in close proximity to others, you become acutely aware of the ebb and flow of hidden messages. You’ve been developing a coherent awareness of them for several years, and you’re finally able to put what you know into words, thanks to your tireless studies.

Pluto is in Sagittarius and your solar Fourth House for yet another year, maintaining the pressure on you to grow and change. You’ve looked deeply into yourself and your past, discovering the threads of influence that come from family and ancestors. This year you’ll embellish on this knowledge and begin to reach out as you turn this knowledge into a new persona.

The eclipses are entering Virgo and Pisces—your First and Seventh House axis—starting March 14- This is a crossroads time, as you’ll find that your desires are matched with opportunities. Look for others to help smooth the way once you know what you want to get out of the coming nine-year cycle.

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Virgo 2018 Career Horoscope
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