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Your charmed existence continues through most of 2017, Virgo! With the sign changes last year of Saturn and Uranus, you may feel as though you are entering a whole new world: one which acknowledges you and offers you opportunities you never thought existed. This year will lay the foundation for the next twelve years’ successes and challenges, so make the most of it without overextending yourself.

Jupiter entered your own sign and solar First House on August 27 last year. Since then you’ve been in a land of opportunity, with Midas’s touch.

This is both the gift and plague that the ancient king found it to be: golden opportunities and adventures are great, but there can be too much of a good thing. It’s important to be discerning about which doorways we open; make them stand the test of time to prove their worth. You’re also likely to feel more outgoing and optimistic than at other times in your life.

You may find that this optimism spills over, generating a charisma you didn’t know was a part of you. Others will be drawn to you, but whether to give you something or to cash in on your new cachet is something you will have to figure out yourself. You may find that this world of possibility is one you want to maintain once this transit is over, which it will be on September 25. That’s when Jupiter enters Libra. The seemingly endless supply of choices and chances will begin to dwindle, and you’ll shift gears into let’s see which of these will really work mode—something you’re quite gifted at doing. The change will be welcomed, as you start to develop the potential of the new situations and ideas that have come your way. If you maintain that “can-do” optimism, you’ll continue to create successful outcomes.

Saturn is in a relatively friendly place for you from its position in Cancer and your solar Eleventh House. This placement can be used to support the growth that you experience through Jupiter by joining groups and developing new contacts in your business or career. Committed involvement is the ticket, not just a fleeting contact; takes time to turn acquaintances into dedicated colleagues. Chiron in your Fifth House is asking you to get in touch with your creative and fun-loving side.

This will feed your self-esteem so that you’ll be more relaxed and naturally confident with others. This is the road to healing for you now, to fully engage in the social world that is available to you. Romance could be in the air if you do. Uranus will be lending its inventiveness from its new position in Pisces and your solar Seventh House.

Look for your relationship life to be completely reformed over the next seven years, rejuvenating your bonds with others and freeing you to be yourself. Imaginative Neptune will once more be in Aquarius and your solar Sixth House. You may find that you want to infuse your work with more creativity or spirituality under this contact, but take care of your health. You may find that you are more sensitive to scents and airborne toxins, as well as impurities in food and beverages.

Side effects resulting from drugs and remedies could be more bothersome and make you decide to try more natural alternatives. Transformative Pluto also repeats its connection to your Sun from Sagittarius and your solar Fourth House. This suggests that you will continue to mine your family background for deep insights into yourself. You may also move or renovate your home.

The eclipses have been in Taurus/Scorpio, your solar Ninth and Third Houses, and will continue there for the whole of 2017. However, after April, Aries and Libra energies are blended in as well, drawing focus to your Eighth and Second Houses. This turns your focus to education, outreach, and communication, which can be used to generate more income for you. You may decide that it’s time to undertake a new writing project or learn something new to invigorate your earning power or give you more intangible rewards on the job.

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Virgo 2017 Career Horoscope
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