Virgo 2020 Love Horoscope

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Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year, Virgo, thus you have freedom and latitude to shape things as you will. And though you are socially magnetic these days, the problems stem from a lack of interest rather than a lack of opportunity. I expect the status quo to prevail. Marrieds will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single.

The year 2020 is basically a work and career year rather than a social year. Even your social life revolves around your career and the workplace.

Singles have many love opportunities this year, as both Jupiter and Saturn (at different times) make fabulous aspects to your Love Planet. Whether these opportunities will lead to marriage … well, not likely, but you have free will.

Singles find love at the job, with co-workers, bosses or employees (much depends on your status at the job). People involved in your career or who can help your career seem most alluring these days. Health professionals also look alluring.

Love at the workplace is more of a diversion than anything serious. Your job comes first.

Neptune is in charge of your love life from the 6th House. This shows your needs in love and attitudes about it. This position reinforces your normal nature. Love is about service – practical service – to your beloved. This is the highest ideal of love. You feel loved when your beloved is ‘doing’ for you. You know you are in love when you have the urge to ‘do’ for the other. Romantic niceties such as flowers, candle-lit dinners, nightclubs, etc. are OK – but service is where it’s really at for you.

Neptune has been in the free-flowing Sign of Aquarius for some years now. This shows more freedom and more experimentation in love. You are more willing to get involved in unconventional relationships – with unconventional people – than in the past. Love is exciting now but more unstable. Affections can change rapidly.

Neptune in an Air Sign shows that good communication and a similarity of ideas are very important in love – more so than in the past. Intellectual harmony is as important as all the other harmonies that lovers look for.

Those of you working towards a second marriage have it bit easier this year. You have more freedom in this area now. Previous disappointments will soon fade and you’ll be in a better position for that special someone. This year we see a torrid, passionate affair – early in the year. Not really a marriage. But you’re getting closer to your goal and that’s what counts.

Those of you working towards a third marriage have excellent opportunities this year – especially after July 13th. This is a family-type person – perhaps with children – but someone who knows how to give emotional support. He/she is a friend as well as a lover.

Those of you with children of marriageable age should hear wedding bells after July 13th, while those of you with grandchildren of marriageable age need more patience. The love life of grandchildren is very volatile, to say the least.

Your 11th House of Friends becomes powerful after July 13th. This is a happy area of life. New and significant friends come into the picture. These people are benevolent and helpful to you. They provide emotional support at a time that you really need it. Again we see some emotional distance with family members – the family relationship becomes more of a ‘friendship’ type thing than instinctive. Family bonds get loosened – they are there, of course, but more casual.

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