Virgo 2019 Love Horoscope

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The last year was your most important love year. Jupiter moved through your House of Marriage, and your Love Planet (Neptune) changed Signs after many years in Capricorn. Not only did your relationships expand - many of you married or got involved in serious relationships - but your whole attitude to love changed. You found a new freedom in this area. This attitudinal change is still going on now.

Though many of you have found love, there is still much work to be done. The Lunar Eclipse of 21st January is going to force flaws in your relationship to the surface so that they can be corrected. Singles could still marry in the coming months as well, as the Eclipse shows a change in the marital status. Love becomes very disruptive to your normal habit patterns.

Neptune travels in conjunction with the South Node of the Moon during the early part of the year. For married people this shows intense, instinctual - almost addictive - sexuality. For singles, it shows addictive - almost obsessive - love relationships. The hunger for the object of love is so intense that one can think of little else. It dominates the whole mind and attention. Even you workaholic Virgos will have trouble focusing on work during this period. Singles can elope, marry out of instinct without taking into account costs or side issues such as lifestyle, cultural differences or domestic compatibility.

Virgo will learn the power of a love addiction this year. It will overpower all your vaunted discernment and critical faculties - it will swallow you up.

High-speed love has its thrills. But high speeds also increase the likelihood of crashes. And these will be the test of love. True love will weather these inevitable crashes. Superficial love won't.

Your Love Planet in the 6th House of Health and Work shows that you find love at the workplace, perhaps with a fellow worker, boss or employee - it all depends on your status. Some of you will find it at the doctor's surgery, or while visiting someone in hospital - it could also be with someone involved in your health.

Love also flourishes from 19th February to 6th April.

The marriage of a sibling has been stressed out lately; this can change after 15th February. Either the current relationship improves or there is a new marriage. A parent could remarry after the summer. The marital status of children of marriageable age could change around 1st July, as the Solar Eclipse changes attitudes and feelings.

Virgos working towards a second marriage face an important opportunity from 15th February to 1st July. This will not be a smooth ride, though, and there could be many delays. There is much mistrust and fear to overcome.

Those working towards a third marriage will probably see the status quo maintained this year.

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