Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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July brings you to eclipse season, liberating and drawing you toward your destiny.

As you begin the month, a total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 marks a new cycle in a social situation for your friendships, hopes, dreams, and wishes. You’re deepening important friendships and connections. You may even see a small wish come true this month, but keep sight of your aspirations. That way, you won’t get swept up in someone else’s agenda.

As Mercury moves retrograde from the seventh to the thirty-first, you’re gaining new insight and information about a situation that began to unfold in late June. You could reconnect with a long-time friend or clear up a misunderstanding. But if things are muddy, be patient. Situations are in deep flux, and you don’t want to burn bridges in haste and without clarity.

On July 16, the Capricorn full moon and partial lunar eclipse ask for letting go or drawing boundaries. Some of this may be with a heavy heart. Stay present. Take responsibility for the reality already created, and consciously release what you’ve outgrown. Then you can create a new life that reflects an inner reality. A dream is not impossible. You just have to dare to acknowledge it.

Standout days: 3, 18, 25
Challenging days: 7, 16, 21

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