Virgo December 2020 Horoscope

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Even though you may be working more intensely, you’re still driven to spend time fulfilling family responsibilities and to enjoy your personal life. Shifting your priorities is easier if you’ve created the right support system.
Staying active is absolutely necessary, although you may be tempted to push beyond your limits from December 4 to 18.
To avoid injury or pain, honor your physical limitations, and take ample time to stretch and relax.
Your words carry a great deal of weight, and the way you communicate what you want to say is just as important as the content of your conversation. Clarify your intentions, and allow your heart to lead the way. Contact with siblings is important, and may help you heal old wounds.
Near the Moon on December 22 and through December 31, you’re focused on creating precious memories for your heart to hold.
Different policies or procedures can be disruptive, but after the Moon on December 7 you’ll have a clear idea of how the hierarchy is structured and what’s expected of you. Business meetings or presentations after December 6 can be promising, but your best networking occurs after December 18, and in more relaxed or social settings. Watch your spending after December 20, since it’s easy to go way over budget.
Communications, meetings, and networking are crucial to smooth operation of your career. Despite a few surprises, you’re the one in charge of setting the pace or establishing the theme.

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