Virgo February 2020 Horoscope

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With fewer obstacles, you’re moving ahead, although others’ needs still require more time than you’d prefer. Keep your personal boundaries intact, but maintain open communication, since your clarity and insights go a long way toward boosting your success.
Physical vitality improves, and you may be inspired to increase your activity level. Whether you’re indulging in your favorite winter sports or getting back into a fitness class, this is the time to set new fitness goals.
Your imagination can run away with you from February 1 to 6, and if you jump into an unrealistic situation or misread subtle signals, you could find it difficult to extract yourself. You may also have a change of heart, and need more room to explore different options after February 13. Your priorities shift after the solar eclipse on February 16, and unless you feel a deeper level of intimacy within your close relationships you may become more emotionally isolated.
If you’ve been unhappy with your job, you may finally reach a critical point in deciding what to do about making changes. Improving your attitudes may be sufficient, but you may feel that it’s time to move on. Networking offers excellent possibilities for advancement after February 8. Review your budget carefully before taking on additional financial risks, and allow for unexpected expenditures when making estimates.
Although a lot of things fall into the category of self-improvement, that’s exactly where you’re focused. Get in touch with what you really want.

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