Virgo 2019 Horoscope

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During the last year, you experienced massive changes. A new sense of individuality and appreciation for free expression emerged. It may have been hard to fit into a particular role because you were feeling the need to be true to yourself.

The the last year may have begun with confusion if your birthday is from September 12th-23rd. During this period, Neptune's transit brought the intangible closer to reality. There was an opportunity to transcend, although it could have been a time of extreme escape. During the last five years, Uranus cycle brought awakening to all born under Virgo's influence. Once Saturn entered Sagittarius you had much hard work before you. This could have been a very productive time if you kept clear and allowed yourself to stay focused on the Now. Pluto's transit through Scorpio also helped you to maintain clear, unencumbered energy.

You may be feeling pretty well integrated by now. After the storms of the last year, 2019 brings more deliberate and structured energy your way. This is a good time to teach what you've learned. It's also an excellent year for progress in your career.

Jupiter transits in the sign of Cancer through mid-August with opportunities to express a more confident attitude. This is an excellent time to study, expand your mind or increase your understanding in a particular area of interest. If you write, you may find strong inspiration and a receptive audience. If you are interested in travel, you might also find you're going farther and assimilating more through your travels.

If you were born from August 28th to September 2nd, you will find 2019 exciting. Your unique way of doing things works beautifully now. It is also easier for others to recognize your special gifts. If you're in a relationship, youll find it easier to acknowledge change in your partner. Old traumas with parents can also be mended during the year. In your career, allow yourself to feel good about standing out for excellence. It will be fairly easy to keep your ego in check. This is a fantastic year to be involved in work that promotes human dignity or has a humanitarian purpose.

2019 is a spiritually enhanced period for those born between September 3rd and the 9th. Artistically, you are inspired. If you are involved in healing work, your attunement to others is heightened by Neptune's trine to your Sun. Psychically, you are more open but don't necessarily feel vulnerable. You can radiate compassion and tenderness, bringing a sense of peace to a troubled world. Your spiritual strength can inspire others. If your birthday occurs between September 7th and the 19th, you are experiencing a supportive trine from Saturn to the Sun. If you have not established a firm foundation for yourself, either personally or professionally, this is the time you can achieve it.

Your natural teaching abilities are enhanced now. Long-range planning can be effectively accomplished. With Pluto also positively affecting your Sun (if born from September 7th-13th), you can make tremendous headway in your life's work. You may find other people seeking your assistance because they recognize your expertise and appreciate your guidance. 2019 is a time of wholeness, strength and compassion.

2019 Horoscope