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Could anything make a Virgo happier than Jupiter in Aquarius?
Undoubtedly there are many things, but this transit ranks right up there at the top because expansive Jupiter will spend all but the first four days of 2020 in your solar sixth house of daily work. That’s sure to bring enough work to keep even a Virgo content.
The danger here is that you can take on far too much. Remember, you’re only human and there are only so many hours in a day. Put them to good use, but be sure you can deliver on your promises. Otherwise, this fortunate transit could backfire.
Overall, though, you can look forward to an upbeat year on the job with excellent opportunities to showcase your skills and talents. And Jupiter’s protective influence can keep you among the favored few.
If you’re thinking about starting a home-based business, however, you’ll want to go slow and hang onto your day job. What appears to be a great opportunity now may not be in a year or two, when it could end up being very costly. Explore the idea, and make only a minimal financial investment if you decide to go ahead.
Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998, so you’ve probably already experienced the influence of this planet in your work life. It represents confusion and illusion, but also faith, creativity, and inspiration. The challenge with Neptune is in knowing what’s fact and what’s fiction because it can mask the obvious and encourage wishful thinking.
With Neptune affecting your work life, it’s wise to be aware of undercurrents on the job and wary of coworkers who don’t ring true. Listen to your sixth sense, keep your private life private, and be careful about whom you trust.
Jupiter will join Neptune in December, when you’ll either fulfill a career goal or wonder how you could have been so off base. Take note of what happens in early February because it will give you clues about what will occur in December.
Then you can plan accordingly to get the best of the Jupiter-Neptune alignment, which can moti-vate and inspire you to success or trigger a disappointment. Keepi your options open and begin networking in earnest if your career field is prone to layoffs or you discover your company is entering a downturn or soon to undergo a reorganization. Although you may not be without a job, it is a possibility when Jupiter and Neptune join forces; dissolution is possible. A far better choice is to align yourself with the right people early in the year so you’re prepared and have alternatives.
Saturn will almost complete its Virgo tour the end of October, when it enters Libra. (It returns to Virgo in April 2010 for about three months.) Thus, 2020 offers you almost the final opportunity to gain the wisdom and understanding that this planet represents.
Saturn is the planet of restriction, so you’re sure to feel frustrated at times when progress seems minimal at best. This just goes with the territory when Saturn is involved. Patience is required and even if it seems like your life is at a standstill it’s really not. Take a close look and compare today with where you were in September of the last year, when Saturn entered Virgo.
The progress you’ve made may not be splashy and dynamic, but it’s certainly been steady with each task handled thoroughly and each achievement well-earned. So appreciate how far you’ve come!
The time when Saturn is in your Sun sign is often one of relative obscurity. But unlike some other planetary cycles you’re mostly content with that, doing the hard work that nearly always accompanies a Saturn transit. Saturn in your Sun sign is also associated with lowered vitality so be sure to get the extra rest, relaxation and, most importantly, sleep you need now. There’s an important message in this: it’s the universe’s way of reminding you to treat yourself well. And if a healthier lifestyle would benefit your mind and body, change your diet, emphasize positive self-talk, and begin a regular exercise program.
This is not the time to bend the rules, however, because Saturn expects everyone under its influence to tow the line. You might have a tough time getting away with even minor misdeeds such as taking a shortcut to complete a project. (Yes, some Virgos really would do this!) It’s a safe bet that Saturn will deliver instant karma—an instantaneous negative repercussion—and you’ll soon regret your action.
Saturn’s most prominent influence this year, however, is its exact alignment with Uranus in Pisces, a contact it first made last November. These two planets will form two more exact alignments this year (February and September) across your solar first/seventh house axis of self and relationships.
Uranus is the ultimate planet of change; Saturn is the ultimate planet of stability. Balancing these two diverse energies is, as you might expect, a challenge. After all, everyone prefers the status quo. Change can be positive when self-initiated, but even then it’s accompanied by varying levels of stress as what’s new gradually evolves into the norm.
With Uranus in your solar seventh house you can expect everything from sudden opportunities to sudden arrivals and departures—all involving other people. But Saturn/Uranus isn’t all about other people. Your perspective is also shifting as you view them through the Saturn’s lens. What worked in the past—people, places, and things—may no longer fit with your current life because your priorities are changing.
For some Virgos the planetary alignment will culminate with the end of a close alliance—partnership, friendship, or career ties. This can be positive or negative depending upon how you react. With Saturn in your sign it’s very much up to you what happens. It’s also likely that the year’s events will be a mirror of your changing life direction and attitudes.
If the close relationships in your life are stable and secure, other people will still be a major theme in 2020. You’ll gain a wider perspective on yourself as well as the world at large by listening to and talking with people. Some of these experiences will be quite enlightening and motivational and you’ll discover that some of what you always held true was just your viewpoint. Of course you can choose to isolate yourself and your mind, but that would be a terrible waste of what could be the opportunity of a lifetime to connect with exciting people and ideas and to make the most of your practical creativity.
People are likely to depart as unexpectedly as they arrive. Each, however, will come with a purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, each will move on. You may or may not immediately know the reason why, but each will in some way teach you an important lesson or share a thought-provoking message.
The Saturn/Uranus alignment is also about mutual support, teamwork, and alliances that can benefit you and everyone else involved. But be a little cautious about taking on more than your fair share of the responsibility and workload. With Saturn in your sign, you’ll have a tendency to do that and also to want to do everything yourself, in part so it meets your high standards.
Consider this another Saturn lesson: perfection might be’ an ideal, but it’s almost never achievable.
Saturn will move on to your solar second house of personal money October 29, when it enters Libra. Although this can restrict income and increase debt, it doesn’t have to. Some people born with Saturn there amass wealth because they’re thrifty, cautious, and conservative. You can do the same for the next few years as Saturn moves through Libra, where it will encourage you to save, spend wisely, and live within a budget. Because this transit is just beginning, 2020 is a great year to build up your reserves so you have money for any unexpected expenses that arise. You’ll also feel more secure knowing that you have a cushion.
Pluto will spend its first full year in Capricorn, your solar fifth house of children, recreation, and romance. This sector also rules games of chance, including investments, so you’ll want to be cautious about putting funds at risk. This is doubly true because Pluto will clash with Saturn from the time it enters Libra on October 29 until year’s end. You also could experience added expenses involv- ing’your children and should prepare yourself to draw the line and say no if their requests are unreasonable. The same would be true if, for example, you get a sudden urge to take a round the world cruise or buy the most expensive car on the lot. Go for less and save the difference.

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