Virgo 2018 Horoscope

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Your expertise and reputation open the way for advancement of your career, but in typical Virgo fashion, that may mean you’ll have to adapt to even more changes if you are to see the full measure of your success. It’s the kind of challenge you like: learning new things, incorporating innovation, and experimenting with fresh ideas. Your practical sensibilities are in demand, and by applying your analytical mind to the ever-changing options in the world around you, you’ll know exactly which opportunities to accept and which to decline.

Increased confidence in your professional skills, prompted by Jupiter’s transit through your solar Ninth and Tenth Houses this year, gains notice. Publishing, promotional activities, academic pursuits, or public speaking can help to further your growing reputation. From January through July, while Jupiter highlights your Ninth House, travel will be significant, and whether your journeys are personally or professionally motivated, the effect of expanding your understanding and increasing your confidence can be highly inspiring.

After July, Jupiter transits through your Tenth House, marking an exciting period of professional growth. The last time Jupiter highlighted this part of your chart was twelve years ago, and many of the things you set in motion at that time will move ahead by leaps and bounds. The downfall of this transit is knowing when to say no, since you may be tempted to think that unless you take advantage of every opportunity, you’ll lose out. Setting reasonable limits that help fulfill your larger goals makes these decisions easier. Remember throughout this period of prosperity and growth to keep your ego in check, since you’ll go much further with an attitude of humble pride than one of arrogant self-importance.

Saturn’s energy of discipline, focus, and determination travels in a complimentary position to your Sun this year, emphasizing the importance of obtaining credentials through education, publication, or exercise of professional expertise to help build your reputation. Extended travel is often a feature of this cycle, particularly if it’s related to your profession. Teaching can also be exceptionally rewarding since you may discover that your own knowledge is strengthened through the experience of sharing or mentoring.

The slower-moving cycles of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have their most noticeable impact when they are exactly aspecting your Sun or other energies in your natal chart. However, the particular sectors of your chart undergoing the transits of these planets will be powerfully emphasized. Uranus and Neptune highlight your house of work and health, marking a period when making room for innovation and creativity on the job will work to your benefit. Pluto’s cycle continues its impact in your house of security, home, and family, and the transformations in this area are definitely noteworthy. Eliminating excess strengthens your security base.

The four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses during the year 2018 draw your attention to the flow of love and feelings of satisfaction in your life. Your ability to open yourself to receiving love, confirmation, and acceptance is tested, and this can be an exceptional time of clearing old inhibitions. The impact of these eclipses on society and the world centers around nationalism, family, and human rights, and you’ll see these issues filtering into your own work and life experience.

2018 Horoscope

Virgo 2018 Horoscope
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