Virgo April 2019 Horoscope

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You may feel especially driven to accomplish your aims, and are not likely to back away from a challenge. This is a wonderful time to study, travel, or write.

Setting a reasonable pace is important, since you may need your energy to sustain a long-term project. Concentrate on increasing your endurance while maintaining flexibility.

Although you may feel that your partner has withdrawn affection, you may also be emotionally blocked. Addressing your fears or inhibitions can help you understand what's happening during the Moon on the 7th.

Share inspirational or spiritual ideals, travel to places that open your heart, or talk about your future hopes to create a more positive climate with your sweetheart after the 17th.

Do something romantic during the Moon on the 22nd.

Although you may need support or backing from others, you may have to pay a dear price for it from the 1st—15th. Seek out other options after the 16th, and consider making overtures to someone who has been behind you in the past. Review contracts and reconsider legal actions during Mercury's retrograde from the 15th—30th, and avoid jumping into situations which have too many unanswered questions. Innovation does not always equal improvement!

Attend conferences or meetings, make presentations and get back in touch with your steadfast supporters from the 13th—30th.

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