Virgo April 2018 Horoscope

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You need time this month to access love relationships, artistic projects, and social activities. Don’t rush into anything whether it be a marriage; a live-in invitation, or season tickets to your favorite performance during the first two weeks in April. Plan a trip for the 20th-25th. Get away for a few days, the experience will be uplifting.
The Moon on the 16th falls in the 8th house of joint funds and sexual urges.
Opportunities will present themselves for financial increase but they will involve another person. Take some bold steps to insure future financial security. Talk to a stockbroker, banker, or investment counselor. Be open- minded about new sexual techniques.
On the 3rd, Venus enters your career area and romance can be found with your boss or an influential community figure. Many things open up socially.
Your attendance will be expected at a public gathering the first two weeks in April. On the 6th, Mars enters your work area and you may feel some sexual pressures. Don’t give into impulsive action that leads to illicit activity with co-workers. Take a pass. Around the 21st, an old love proves comforting and supportive. Near the 30th, you could receive flowers, or some other kind gesture of affection.
After the first week in April, volunteer your services. You may have to demonstrate your skills and this will wipe out the competition. You’re especially persuasive from the 21st- 25th. You can finalize deals or gain new employment during these days. Intuition is running high around the 22nd. Take a chance with lotteries, races, or gambling.
The Moon on the 2nd highlights your financial situation. If you’ve relied too much on a person to get you through the lean time, you’ll have a crisis on your hands. You are accountable for your own debts. The lesson here is not to entrust another with something of value. Fortunately this crisis is temporary.

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Virgo April 2018 Horoscope
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