Virgo April 2020 Horoscope

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Finances need extra attention, and this is a good period to organize files, dig into receipts, examine budgets, and consider a more effective system for handling fiscal matters. Take special care with anything (or anyone) that affects your personal worth.
Revelations regarding underlying causes of physical complaints are welcome, and you can make adjustments in your life that help you feel more alive and in control of your health. Be careful in any high-risk situations, though, and watch your driving after April 13.
Getting close to the one you love may not be easy, especially if you’re working all the time. Set aside ample time for quiet moments. Get in touch with some of your old inhibitions during the Moon on April 15. It might inspire you to try a more playful approach to lovemaking. Tiy to stay within appropriate boundaries during the Moon on April 30, since going too far can leave you feeling overexposed.
Negotiations fare nicely from April 1 to 16, and take a new turn after April 15. It’s easy to turn away in the face of difficult matters, but if you rely on someone else to do something the way you want it or to handle situations that are your responsibility, you can be left with a mess —and a loss. Read contracts several times, listen carefully to what is only implied, and go into everything with your eyes wide open after April 18.
Joint property or resources may increase in value, and you’re in a great position to make a profit from April 18 to 28. Just find out about that tax liability before you sell.

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