Virgo August 2019 Horoscope

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With Mercury transiting in Virgo for the next two months, you may be the one who has the answers to the most perplexing dilemmas. But give yourself room to make mistakes, and avoid taking over when others need to carry the load.

Underestimating a situation can put you in a precarious position, so stay aware of your strengths and limitations before you take action. Be especially careful when driving, and watch out for the other guy.

Outward demonstrations of affection are comfortable, but only if the time and place feel appropriate. Let your partner know what you need, and be open to receiving tenderness.

It's your turn to feel good about yourself, and to allow love to grow in your own heart, you need to give it some nourishment. Direct communication after the 15th can be just the ticket if you're trying to make headway in a relationship.

Don't just stand there, say something! Make important overtures, communicating your intentions and requirements in business situations from the 1st—16th. Then, when Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, review the situation and take time to clarify what is still incomplete or unfinished.

Your finances are definitely improving, but you still need to remain cautious when taking risks from the 15th-24th. Address problems at work with care during the Moon on the 18th.

Your direct manner and clear thinking can surprise those who are more guarded, but as long as you're prepared, take the risk!

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