Virgo August 2020 Horoscope

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The conflict between wanting to get away from it all while still maintaining your high levels of productivity can drive you nuts — unless you’ve set reasonable priorities. Your inner voice has the answers, even if you don’t like them physical tension is more intense from August 1 to 14, when maintaining a healthy balance is not easy. Avoid high-risk activities during this time, and promise yourself you’ll be more alert when driving, too!
Since the solar eclipse on August 11 emphasizes your need to examine your inner self, you may be experiencing increased anxiety about important decisions. Your dreams can expose your inner fears, and keeping a journal might also help you sort through dilemmas in your love life. Partnerships are emphasized during the Moon on August 26, when it’s easy to read too much into simple conversations.
Publishing, travel, business conferences, or legal matters are filled with excessive complexities through August 16. You might be better served by using this time to iron out details of ongoing projects instead of attempting to start something new. From August 17 to 25 there’s an opening for progress, although compromises are likely. Finances require special attention all month.
Whether you’re upgrading a system at work or making improvements at home, it’s time to get rid of the things that just don’t work any longer, as long as you maintain quality.

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