Virgo December 2019 Horoscope

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Your creative imagination soars, although you might be more content if you allow more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Spend time with children, or return to your roots to remember your childhood.

Although you may be aware of your physical needs, you're not obsessive about them. Before planning anything that entails physical risk after the 19th, be sure you're prepared for the unexpected.

Feelings of compassion can deepen your bond of love from the 1st—12th, when you may also want to be more involved with projects that give you a chance to share with those who are less fortunate.

On a more personal level, romance is definitely in the plus column, and your quiet persistence can win over even the most resistant heart. Create new traditions for the holidays, but respect the needs expressed by others during the Moon on the 13th.

Projects requiring cooperative effort fare best from the 1st—17th, since individual competitiveness can be a problem after that time.

Address needs to improve working conditions after the 13th, but remember that your bottom line is to increase productivity, not to cater to the whims of others.

Investments are best from the 1st—6th. Wait it out during Mercury's retrograde from the 7th—27th, when investi-gating the details may reveal real problems at the core.

Trust your creative direction and intuitive instincts from the 1st—12th.

Surprises on the 25th-26th can be just that—and may not really change things permanently.

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