Virgo December 2018 Horoscope

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Children or younger ones are an unexpected delight this month. You cold get involved with their group activities and find you enjoy it more than you anticipated. A new periodical should arrive around your home base near the 1st. It will help you dream about your next trip or outdoor adventure. On the 16th you could get just the news you’ve been waiting for about relatives visiting for the holidays.
The Moon on the 9 th falls in your 4th house of entertaining. Your dwelling is the place for holiday gatherings complete with burning fireplace, delectable food and canine companion. You might want to include fresh greens as part of your decorating touch.
Half the planets in the sky are in your romance house this month. Love at first sight may not be uncommon for you. The person could be an Aquarius, Capricorn, or Pisces. You’ll learn the art of diplomatic communication around the 16th and will feel like New Year’s Eve is a dream come true.
Be cautious with speculative matters around the 7th. If you’re investing in ground floor business or liquid stock, you could be making a mistake. Real estate investments, antique jewelry, and fine silver and china make for the best investments.
The Moon on the 23rd falls in your 11th house of socializing. The spirited holidays should be full of party invitations and cozy, intimate gatherings. Good food seems to be plenty and friends are spontaneous, humorous and affectionate.

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Virgo December 2018 Horoscope
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