Virgo February 2019 Horoscope

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Conditions at work improve dramatically, but you may have to deal with innovations requiring an uncomfortable adjustment period. Even if the learning curve is steep, you'll enjoy the improved productivity.

You're in the pink, and changing your habits to allow more room in your schedule for fitness and health makes a huge difference. Put your physical needs at a high priority.

You may meet a new love interest through your work, but before you jump in, determine whether or not you're ready for that much exposure.

It's okay to move quickly, as long as you're in safe territory. Serious flirtation during the Moon on the 7th lets you know if there's hope of anything developing. By the Moon on the 22nd, you may be floating in pure ecstasy. Well, you've always wondered about something completely different!

Look for ways to bring positive changes into your work environment. You're ready for something that will increase your productivity without adding excessive complexity, and may find it by employing innovative technology after the 10th.

Review finances before making major purchases, and after you know the details, you may find an excellent bargain from the 7th—14th. Seek assistance from others whose talents can make your job easier after the 10th. Your ability to integrate changes into an existing framework works to your advantage between the 6th—15th. Trust your creativity.

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