Virgo February 2017 Horoscope

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You’ll experience nearly every facet of relationships this month, especially with family members and others close to you. Consider the ups and downs to be learning experiences and an opportunity to fine-tune your people skills. Besides difficult alignments involving the Sun and Venus, Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces, your partnership sign, February 13. This can trigger what are likely to be simple misunderstandings even though they’ll feel like much more. Choose your words with care and try to avoid assumptions.

This month both the Moon (February 17) and Moon (February 2) in your solar Sixth and Twelfth Houses of health continue to emphasize the importance of treating yourself well. Sleep and a nutritious diet are a good starting point, but you also need to be aware of your limits. Leave work behind and devote evenings and weekends to relaxation.

Your love life benefits from energetic Mars in Capricorn through February 24. The fiery planet also promotes an active social life, which is a good antidote for long hours on the job. A new romance could catch you by surprise early in February, but think twice if romance overcomes common sense.

This is not the time to elope.
You’re at your analytical best and a step ahead of most everyone. But all may not be exactly as it seems the first full week of the month, so it’s wise to ask questions and double-check details. If a new job is your goal, resumes submitted the first two days of February could net results by month’s end.

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Virgo February 2017 Horoscope
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