Virgo January 2018 Horoscope

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As the year begins you’re energized by the thought of home fix-up. You can redecorate, order new furniture, or brighten up a room with fresh accessories. Family members may be motivated to pitch in, if you make the project fun and let them contribute their artistic talents. You may go over your budget for this renovation, but some things are worth it!
The Moon on the 19th promises entertainment, romance, and pleasure. Your mood is lighter, though still serious. Invest in a VCR, compact disc system, cable television, or rented videos. Children are delightful companions this month and neighborhood gatherings tickle your funny bone!
Venus, the planet of love, enters your marriage sector on the 15th and things may never be the same! You could meet a caring, considerate Pisces or a passionate Scorpio. Even if you don’t get married under this influence, you will enjoy companionship and social interactions. A little jealousy surfaces around the 23rd when Venus and Mars battle it out in the heavens. You’ll be energized by the passion.
You’re tempted to dip into your savings for an extravagant purchase around the 11th, but common sense should prevail. This is not the time for shaky investments, either. What looks too good to be true from the 5th to the 11th probably is! After the 20th, you’ll take more pride in your work. Expect an upgrade at work with office equipment. YouH learn to operate new gadgets in a flash. All you need is confidence!
The Moon on the 3rd falls in your 11th house of clubs and organizations. You could impulsively resign a position. Think before you act. Some things cannot be retracted!

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Virgo January 2018 Horoscope
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