Virgo January 2019 Horoscope

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Avoid, wasting resources. Instead, find ways to invest your time and energy to stabilize your finances and build a firm foundation for future growth. Use your creative talents to secure your financial security.

Take part in recreational activities that help you maintain your connection to the natural cycles of change to improve your overall health. Take walks in the woods, ski, ice-skate, or whatever else is in season.

After satisfying family and home demands, your mind turns to romance during the Moon on the 8th. Whether you're enjoying a new love or renewing an existing commitment, it's time to declare your feelings and share love.

Old obligations can surface from the 11th—16th, or you may run into a former lover or partner (even in your dreams!), prompting you to take a second look at your feelings. Just don't repeat the same mistakes! Debts or taxes can be a big headache if you've let things go too far, but there are ways to work out your problems.

An investment may pay off from the 1st—9th, but avoid waiting until the last minute, or you could run into frustrating red tape. Curbing unnecessary spending should take care of most of your problems. Look for new avenues to improve working conditions.

Your direction becomes quite clear during the Moon on the 23rd. Open your eyes. Allow your sense of vision to work to your advantage from the 12th—31st, when you may find a solution, even though it may not pay off immediately.

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