Virgo January 2017 Horoscope

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With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune spending time in Aquarius, January’s focus is on work. Many days will be rewarding; others only puzzling and frustrating. Fortunately, you’ll come out ahead by month’s end. But be selective if you’re offered extra projects or responsibilities.

More is not necessarily better, and being too optimistic could prompt you to take on too much. Co-worker relationships may be strained at times and it’s even possible someone could intentionally mislead you. Be aware. Protect your interests.
This month’s heavy workload makes scheduling time for yourself especially important because it will be easy to get run down, which can make you vulnerable to a cold or the flu. Put sleep before socializing and try to reserve evenings and the first few weekends for home life and hobbies.

Even if time is limited, try to squeeze in a get-together with close friends the week of the January 3 Moon in Cancer, your friendship sign. Besides being a good balance for all the hours at work, long talks will net you fresh insights into life and love. If you’d like some new couples friends or want to introduce your mate to your pals, now is the time.
Your social life picks up at the January 18 Moon in Capricorn, which is also a plus for your love life.

You could get lucky the first week of the new year and cash in on a small windfall. Take a chance on the lottery or enter a contest. You also could net a little more in your paycheck or benefit from additional job perks.

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Virgo January 2017 Horoscope
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