Virgo January 2020 Horoscope

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Personal creative pursuits can lead to financial rewards, and if you’re teamed with the right partners your ventures may have a more significant impact. Use your inventive practicality to make the most of your resources.
Your endurance levels may lag behind your need for energy, since there are high-stress signals scattered everywhere. Visualize your day before you set out each morning, take ample time for exercise, and remind yourself that your health is a high priority.
The right relationship grows as you open your heart and clear your vision during the Moon on January 1, and if you allow time to play and enjoy romantic pleasures your affections flow freely from January 4 to 16. Money troubles can signal difficulties with the value of the relationship, and if your self-esteem is not supported by your partner, financial concerns can escalate during the Moon on January 17.
Old debts can stop you in your tracks, and you may not feel that you’re free to take additional risks until a few days before the Moon’s eclipse on January 31.
Knowing that resources can be at a low ebb, it’s up to you to find the best ways to use what you have on hand and to avoid over-obligating your time and energy, too. Eliminating nonproductive investments and concluding old business is the order of the day after January 17.
Improve business relations by giving others a chance to let their talents shine. Your own creativity and guidance can be a powerful beacon.

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