Virgo July 2019 Horoscope

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Community activities and special interests provide an outlet for your desire to make a difference. Your work behind the scenes prepares the way for a successful outcome. Strength training can be extremely beneficial, arid may extend your endurance. Evaluate your limitations before getting started.

This is an excellent time to deal with underlying causes of any physical problems. Your preference for quiet time alone with your sweetheart can also stir your imagination.

Getting out during the Moon on the 4th can be fun, but your memorable moments are created in a secret rendezvous or behind closed doors. You may dream about that perfect relationship, but instead of dreaming, determine how you can actually manifest your desires. Plan something deliciously inspiring for the Moon on the 19th.

Listen to your creative impulses, which may require you to spend more time working alone or drawing up plans. Make a careful assessment of your past successes and learning experiences, and sketch your plans accordingly.

Schedule important meetings or make presentations from the 24th—31st, when others are more likely to understand what you have to offer. A conservative approach works best, but leave room to include leading edge technology.

Looking back can be helpful as long as you don't get stuck in the past. Dust off your unfulfilled dreams from the 9th—24th and determine how to manifest them.

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