Virgo June 2017 Horoscope

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Life goes your way much of June, but you’ll need to be at your adaptable best because Mercury reverses direction June 15. During its retrograde period you’ll experience the increasing desire to set new personal and professional goals as you question your current direction. Let the ideas flow, explore options, and look at priorities. Your new direction will all come together by mid-July.

June arrives with the Moon in Sagittarius, your domestic sign. Let it motivate you to get rid of clutter, complete domestic projects, and get your place in shape, inside and out, for summer.
Even if you’re a neat Virgo, chances are you have storage spaces with boxes that haven’t been opened in years. Clean them out. You’ll like the results, which will clear your mind as much as your physical space.

With Venus in Cancer through June 4 and the Sun arriving in the same sign June 20, you’ll enjoy time with friends this month. But with Mercury retrograde the last two weeks of June, quiet evenings and weekend outings with your closest pals will be more appealing.
This month’s second Moon, on June 30 in Capricorn, could prompt you to move on if a dating relationship isn’t working out. Do what’s best for you.

This is your time to shine! The days leading up to the June 15 Moon in Gemini spotlight your career sector with terrific planetary contacts from the Sun and Mercury.
Cross your fingers for a promotion or job offer and a bigger paycheck. Be sure to ask pointed questions if you’re offered a step up or a new position. Get the details.

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Virgo June 2017 Horoscope
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