Virgo June 2019 Horoscope

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Although you may have a few moments of recognition, much of your effort goes on behind the scenes. This is the time to prepare for higher levels of exposure later. Others may effectively promote you or your efforts. This is a good time to learn more about your physical needs and the best ways to nourish yourself.

You're feeling more positive in your attitudes, which can have a healing effect on your sense of well-being. You may keep your love life under wraps, especially if you're entertaining the idea of a secret liaison. Playful incorporation of fantasy takes you out of the ordinary, and can awaken a love during the Moon on the 5th.

Criticism can put you on the defensive from the 15th—20th, but your heart opens easily during the Moon on the 20th. An infatuation from the 27th—30th can be an illusion; you may need an escape, not an escapade. Professional associations or special interest groups can provide support for your efforts or ideas from the 5th—24th. A fresh approach resolves a long-standing dispute or problem from the 12th—20th.

Partnerships flourish, and you may benefit from your partner's success. Working together can, indeed, carry you much further than you would go on individual effort. Creative or artistic pursuits fare quite nicely after the 24th. Cooperative ventures provide exceptional possibilities for your professional advancement from the 9th—20th.

2019 Horoscope