Virgo May 2019 Horoscope

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Your public profile is higher, and your career advances through your efforts in writing, publishing or speaking. Educational pursuits and travel can be extremely rewarding. You may have so much to do that you overlook your basic needs. To avoid experiencing burnout, maintain a routine that allows you to exercise, relax, and take time away from stress.

Words of love can inspire greater trust and understanding during the Moon on the 6th. However, you are vulnerable to deception, particularly if you've been fooling yourself about the truth of the situation. If you have a solid foundation, share some fantasies from the 5th— 14th.

Romance can be wonderful in the right circumstances from the 15th—26th, although family concerns can get in the way during the Moon on the 22nd. Be extremely cautious when signing contracts or finalizing agreements. Mercury's retrograde until the 8th is accompanied by a confusing energy from Neptune, and you may overlook crucial information or miss fine points.

Although your work load may expand, your support system may not, so plan accordingly. This can be a productive time, and your progress toward your career goals is promising. Just walk carefully in precarious circumstances. Find creative outlets for your imaginative ideas from the 1st—14th, but avoid taking risks with important resources, including time.

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