Virgo May 2020 Horoscope

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Educational pursuits, travel, political activities, publishing or cultural exchange are strongly emphasized. They may not only benefit your career, but they can be personally rewarding, too. Your ideas and insights advance your reputation.
Team sports, group recreation and fitness activities, or teaming up with a buddy to stay on track with your exercise routine inspire your dedication to your goals, which are likely to include building your stamina. Choose your competitors and challenges wisely.
Friendships and connections to those who share your values add meaning to your life. Whether you’re renewing an old friendship or forging new bonds, you need contact. Romance blossoms during the Moon on May 15, when you may find a fascinating person standing next to you in the bookstore or in the seat adjoining yours on the plane. It’s about meeting of the minds, and the whole thing gets more powerful during the Moon on May 30.
With Mars and Jupiter stimulating your houses of money and expenditures for the next two months, you’ll do yourself a favor if you keep those credit cards hidden in a desk drawer. It’s too easy to rationalize overspending, and budgets can be easily blown because you just have to get that perfectly wonderful something. Impulse is your enemy. Remember, you’re at your best when you plan!
Go somewhere. You’ll appreciate the break from routine and may be inspired to do something that adds zip and sparkle to your goals.

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