Virgo November 2019 Horoscope

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A highly creative period begins now, and you may be so completely inspired that you cannot accomplish all you dream of doing. But you're ready to have some fun, and even work can be a joy. Watch for contagious smiles.

Seek out recreational activities that uplift your spirit while you increase your fitness level. Look for playful outlets.

Plan a vacation, or at least a few days away from work, at the end of the month. Love is definitely in bloom after the 5th, and you may be much more assertive about satisfying your needs than in the past.

You'll enjoy traveling with your loved ones, and may even discover a new dimension of a loving relationship by getting out of your routine during the Moon on the 14th. Family time can be quite enjoyable, even if you do have to pull in the reins from the 24th until the Moon on the 29th.

Speculative ventures pay off after the 10th, especially if you actively participate in their outcome. Your creative endeavors are the key to your success, but if you're uncertain about the best ways to open the doors to new horizons, talk over your ideas with an expert or adviser.

Take critical actions to turn things around or strike out in new directions from the 1st—13th, and again after the 27th.

It's time to let your light shine. Showcase your talents, find a good promoter, or get an advertising campaign going by the 14th.

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