Virgo November 2018 Horoscope

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Your attention turns toward ground floor business ventures and shrewd financial maneuvers. Potential is to make big money this month but only if you move quickly. Finalizing Thanksgiving plans may be more difficult around the 4th and the 14th when obstinate relatives don’t want to compromise. Your logical and fair approach, however, wins you an Academy Award for your performance.
The Moon on the 9th falls in your 3rd house of neighbors, letters, and short trips. Running errands and conferring with neighbors seems to take much of your attention. If running many small errands, try to pick days when the weather cooperates.
On the 23rd when Venus enters your neighborhood sector, you might find romance with a secretive and mysterious back yard crony. On the 12th, Saturn enters your 5th house of romance and you may think about becoming a parent or solidifying a casual relationship. You may be attracted to older, hard-working, and ambitious people. A Capricorn is particularly significant in your relationship development for the next two and a half years.
Jupiter retrogrades through your career area on the 1st allowing for the finishing up of educational projects that benefit your work.
You may be called upon to do more travel this month or could find yourself dealing with foreigners, ministers, and college professors. You could receive an off- the-wall opportunity to relocate just before Thanksgiving.
The financial compensation being offered could make this worth the inconvenience of moving your residence.
The Moon on the 23rd falls in your 10th house of public standing. You may receive a graded score or written evaluation on your professional progress. Finding a balance between professional obligations and family commitments could be challenging.

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Virgo November 2018 Horoscope
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