Virgo September 2019 Horoscope

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With the solar eclipse in Virgo, it is imperative that you have your priorities straight and that you deal with any crisis by responding in a way that fulfills your deepest needs. Be honest about your feelings. After all, it's your life!

Staying active may be the best way to keep your energy level as high as you need it to be, and this is an excellent time to focus on outdoor activities. Take walks, hike, or ride your bike.

Since you're more open about your needs and feelings, you may experience significant changes in your relationship. The period between the solar eclipse on the 1st and the lunar eclipse on the 16th is a great time to bring issues into the open so you can deal with them directly.

Then, consider reconfirming your commitment or taking vows that clearly reflect your needs and hopes between the 12th—29th. Finish old business during Mercury's retrograde from the 1st—9th, and avoid signing important documents until the dust has settled.

You'll see clearer possibilities after the 13th, and are also in an excellent position to initiate new plans. Business partnerships need reassessment mid month, and its important to make the most of everyone's resources. Network with others in your field, and be ready to present your ideas or plans on a moment's notice after the 14th.

Bringing balance and harmony into your life is critical to your happiness. Anything that is too one-sided needs to be redefined.

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