Virgo Baby

A Virgo from infancy is a very touching, sensitive child, she can start at every sound, do not trust other people’s hands and cry at any sound of a voice that seemed to her not tender enough. Little Virgo very quickly starts to recognize "family" and "strangers", and never wants to remain alone with "strange" people, to which she is not yet accustomed. A Virgo can be restless, she is disturbed by wet diapers, an uncomfortable crib, too bright light or sharp sounds, and although the baby does not tend to cry demandingly, rolling up tantrums, she will squeak and wrinkle her face, asking for comfort.

A Virgo must be constantly encouraged, showing her his love, otherwise she feels unprotected and helpless. Virgo is always very insecure, and therefore hardly joins children’s groups, goes to strangers and transfers unfamiliar situations. At the right time, the little girl Virgo should always feel near her loving people to be more self-confident, and without fear to know the world.

When studying the surrounding space Virgo is curious, she is attracted to everything unfamiliar, but she is very cautious and hesitant. She will never rush headlong into an unfamiliar place, and her steps will be taken only when her little hand holds the adult person firmly by the finger. Virgo baby always looks back at the adult, trying to find out his reaction — whether she is doing the right thing, it is not dangerous to go ahead, and the adult’s task is to give her self-confidence, explain, praise.

Having learned to speak, Virgo will ask adults many questions, ask to name objects around. She is very fond of reading books, Virgo quickly remembers all the stories and poems, and repeats with pleasure the already read from memory. The most favorite toys of the Virgo are those that do not cause fear or fear. It can be cubes, soft plush toys, dolls. Preschooler — Virgo enthusiastically plays in the plot games, introducing herself as a teacher, teacher, doctor. Little Virgo loves animals, and she will be most happy with the hamster she gave her, a puppy, a kitten, a parrot, for which she will quickly learn how to take care of herself.

Little Virgo is happy to try to participate in household chores, and loves to wash dishes, try to wash the floor with her mother, sweep, vacuum — especially when she is praised. She will very quickly learn to put things in order in her room, remove toys, put things on, and be neat, pedantic — of course, provided that little Virgo parents are constantly praised and encouraged for her striving for order.

Virgo preschooler can spend hours playing alone, quietly doing toys, drawing or designing. As a rule, in the school years, Virgo is characterized by impeccable behavior and a serious attitude towards the learning process. The only thing that can cause difficulties for the Virgo, when she should go to the children’s team — communication with peers. A Virgo can feel alone, stay away from common affairs only by observing, and if by the efforts of educators and parents she will not gradually be involved in the common life, the little Virgo will develop an inferiority complex from the fact that she is not like everyone else.

Virgo Boys

All Virgo are thinkers. Unlike the daredevils born under the sign of fire, the land of Virgo gives peace to the young, and therefore they are attracted more by the possibility of mental than physical activity. The Virgo boys plan the future lesson and prepare for it, they will not jump into the pool. Parents of Virgo rarely have to warn them, reminding them of caution, since the Virgos are too knowledgeable about the consequences of any act. Militancy, bravado and brute force are uncharacteristic for this sign: Virgo appreciates intelligence, attentiveness and prudence.

But we should not assume that in the exact mind of the boy, the Virgo, all the information is laid out on the shelves, neatly bandaged with ribbons and carefully sealed. Sometimes he is able to turn himself into a ram’s horn and feel worthless anxiety. This price he pays for the ability to collect information. Unbelievable observation can lead to trouble, preventing you from acting thoughtlessly. For example, he may have excessive concern about small things.

He does not agree to a compromise. This can irritate other people who do not have the ability of the Virgo to look at life through a prism that increases the content and quality of everything around. Before the eyes of the Virgo is not a blurry picture. A girl can be mistakenly considered petty and picky, but in fact she is observant, and her mind is always alert.

Virgo Girls

The desire to know, understand and to some extent regulate life is clearly manifested in Virgo girls at a very early age. Usually they know what they want, thanks to their inner ability to observe and choose. Virgo people are able to communicate with others, not only talking, but also becoming excellent listeners. Even when the Virgo is silent, her eyes constantly appreciate the world, mark the words and deeds of other people and secretly analyze them.

Because Virgo seeks perfection, it is easy for her to feel herself inferior. The most virulent criticism of Virgo most often falls on themselves. Mentally they imagine how to perfectly cope with a particular task, but feel that they will never be able to justify their own expectations. That is why the Virgo needs an abundance of encouragement and praise, and most importantly — the permission to make mistakes. The latter is vitally important that the Virgo ceases to set unattainable standards for herself. Otherwise, it will be surrounded on all sides by prohibitions.

The inner voice constantly tells Virgo to be "good girls" in order to make a pleasant impression on people. Either the Virgo will lead a life in a rigid framework that barely allows you to take a breath, or choose the directly opposite decision — a stormy, carefree life that creates a sense of freedom. In childhood Virgos need to help find a balance between these two types of behavior, so that they take an average, quite acceptable position.

Advice for parents of the Virgo-childs

Very effective means of education Virgo — a personal example of parents or someone from friends. The Virgo hardly get used to changing the situation. Let the cardinal changes in their lives be, if possible, less. Such children are mostly shy, they are tormented by doubts about their attractiveness. They can and should be praised more often, they should compliment — it does not hurt them at all. Virgo make the impression of a little emotional child, but this is only an external sensation; Inside they are vulnerable, so you need to give them more warmth, do not be shy of any manifestations of parental love. Otherwise, in the future, they may experience difficulties in dealing with members of the opposite sex.

Virgo badly tolerate the presence of noisy companies in the house, they do not like guests, so their nervous system is better not to be subjected to such tests once again, and especially not to insist that they read poetry at guests or attend a common table. Virgo peoples like work in principle, but this does not mean that they should not be encouraged for a quality result. If parents want to be authoritative for their children, they need to speak out and act thought out, seriously and logically - otherwise their child will look for other role models.

An important point in the education of the Virgo children is the correct "adjustment" of the child’s emotional sphere. He constantly strives for an ideal result, and failure makes him experience. Parents should explain that not everything fits in generally accepted norms and rules, even the same events can have different consequences, contradict logic, etc. It is necessary to focus on gaining experience, which in itself is also an important result. It is necessary from childhood to deal with such potential features of the Virgo as criticality, skepticism and pettiness. The energy of the child should be directed to his own development, and not to carping for others.

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