September 22 Birthday Personality

If you are born on September 22, then you are likely a person who is an analytical thinker. The September 22nd zodiac sign is Virgo – The Virgin. You have a unique sense of style. This quality makes you a great organizer. It is possible that you could be a perfectionist. You keep busy but don’t expect much in return for your hard work. This Virgo birthdate person probably expects a lot from friends and family and especially co-workers. You tend to give your all to those who are loyal to you.

If today 22nd September is your birth day, you are likely the one who doesn’t like to be late for appointments. Moreover, you are the one who will use the guidebook as a basis for decision-making. It would seem that you are a popular person. You are a smart Virgo who finds unconditional love a necessarily. The September 22 birthday personality is a powerful one. You are a magnetic soul and will happily give your time to help anyone. As a Virgo in love, you tend to look for someone who can fulfill your thirst for compassion.

September 22 Zodiac Sign - Virgo Personality

You keep up your appearance and are usually very sensitive about how you look. Image is so important to someone born on this zodiac birthday. You are a stylish individual who has some insecurities. You need to be reassured of things before you act. This quality is seen when someone has asked you to speak on their behalf. The September 22 birthdate horoscope also predicts that you may give the appearance that you are cold or aloof. Actually, you are a caring individual with a passion for people. Although your birth date characteristics show that you are slow to warm up to others, you make a loyal friend and lover. Sometimes, you put your friend’s needs before your own. Other times, you think you know what is best for your friends.

They really don’t like you taking control over their lives but don’t know how to tell you so. If you are so lucky to have a friend in someone born today, you should not surprise this Virgo. They tend to like things to stay the same. As a parent you are likely to need help in raising your children. You understand that children have personalities of their own and need to learn certain things… all on their own. The 22 September birthday personality will encourage their children to be independent in their way of thinking. Having choices and free will, you are likely to have an open mind regarding most issues.

The September 22nd birthdate astrology warns that your health practices and conditions are likely on an on again, off again correlation. There are times when you just go for it and you go all in but other times, you kind of sit on the couch. You need to be consistent in your efforts to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. It is suggested this Virgin eat a good meal that’s nutritious and healthy, develop and use a good exercise program to avoid any health issues later. Take caution as you have a tendency to fall away from any progress you have made.

The 22 September birthday horoscope profile shows that a Virgo born today will have many skills listed on a resume. You can write, teach or build. Maybe you think you could be successful as an entertainer. It’s very possible as many of your counterparts have made it big in the industry. On the other hand, you could be a popular choice for politics. Moreover, you like adventure or danger and could be useful in positions of law enforcement. However, you should take care of your money and not let it go to your head. Occasionally, you find enjoyment in being in the spotlight. You can change the attitude of even a rattlesnake.

The September 22 birthday meanings show that you are usually very artistic and find it easy to express your thoughts and feelings. Your loved ones say that you stay to yourself and would not know what they’d do without you. If you find yourself parting with personal information, don’t panic as you can trust your close friends to keep a secret. Given your artistry background, you have the potential to be sensitive about your work.

Friends & Lovers

Whoever becomes friends with September 22 people learns early that they expect loyalty. Any breach can end the friendship. They have little flexibility in personal relationships - they don’t want surprises.

Children & Family

September 22 people are loners who may not fit in with their birth family. In adolescence they often seek surrogates to fulfill family needs. They understand the need of youngsters to find their own way of doing things. They give their children choices and are sufficiently broad-minded to live with the consequences.

Work & Finances

September 22 people are often drawn to social or political activism. They are unfailingly attracted to a crisis atmosphere and may seek out careers that put them in dangerous circumstances. They like to live on the edge, and their behavior with money expresses this.

Health & Wellness

People born on September 22 are a study in extremes. At times they are enthusiastic supporters of a healthful lifestyle, only to fall back on bad habits. A simple exercise regimen and good eating habits will keep them healthy.

Dreams & Goals

Those born on September 22 enjoy being singled out by fate. A situation may be good or bad, but they are more concerned with the potential magnitude than the consequences. They like to be at the center of activity. At one time or another, they will feel the need to explore the wide world.

Luck & Significance

September 22 Zodiac belongs to the third decan of VIRGO (September 14-September 23). This decan is influenced by the planet Venus. Those born under this influence combine the quite and attentive nature of Virgo with the passion and charm of Venus. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Virgo zodiac sign with a great accent on the negative ones.

Being born on the 22nd day of the month shows efficiency, confidence, logic and stubbornness. The numerology for September 22 is 4. This number reveals creation combined with logic and a bit of stubbornness. Those Virgo associated with number four are sure imaginative but also hard working and critical.

September is the ninth month of the year, bringing the beginning of most educational years. Those born in September are decisive and motivated. September 22 Zodiac people are very confident and charming. September symbols that resonate with these people are the Sapphire and Sardonyx as gemstones and Aster and Morning Glory as plants. The name of this month comes from the Latin “septem”.

Tips for Virgo born on September 22

Born 22 September must be at least a little respect for those people who are open, than themselves. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your inner "me." Use a variety of points of view, before a final decision. You need time to time to dream and recharge of pure energy, then your internal reserves will be enough to accomplish big plans.

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