Virgo Birthstone

Virgo is the sixth in zodiac sign list and it is denoted by signing of virgin. Those who have born in between August 24 – September 23 comes under this astrological sign. The ruling planet of this astrological sign is Mercury, which is a planet in the Solar system and element related to this zodiac sign is Earth. Sapphire is the prime and recommended birthstone for this sign, but there are some other gemstones are also belonged to this astrological sign like Agate, Carnelian, Zircon, Sardonyx and Peridot. The Mercury rules on Sapphire as a birthstone, Sapphire is unique in texture, color and characteristics.

Virgo personalities have some nice traits like they are systematic, humble, investigative and self-supporting. However, they are critical and Intolerant. Sapphire provides energies to wearer those comes from the ruling planet Mercury. This stone is considered a wisdom and nobility. According to ancient medieval world the Sapphire is connected with hope, truthfulness, protective and sign of fortune or good luck. This precious and valuable gemstone gives antidote against poison and skin problems. It is also a safeguard against the black magic and evil thoughts. Sapphire or gemstone expert says that this gemstone is good for wearer to get success.

Sapphire has many colors and shades from blue to deep blue, indigo and even velvety blue while this gemstone is also available in transparent and opaque shades. The Sapphire in cornflower blue color is most precious and valuable, which is also known as Kashmir Sapphire. While, orange and pink Sapphire are rare and exotic or color changing Sapphire is unique because of its property of changing colors. The word Sapphire comes from Latin word sapphirus and Greek word sappheiros which means precious stone.

However, different shades of Sapphire have different properties such as black Sapphire enhance self-confidence, intelligence and gives relief from depression. Orange Sapphire increases creativity and spiritual powers. Green Sapphire stimulate kindness characteristic for others and promotes vision. Violet Sapphire improving and triggers meditation powers. Sapphire having white color develop intellectual trait and help clear mind from irrelevant thoughts. Pink Sapphire enhance emotions like sincerity, love and develop habit of forgiveness. Sapphire, which has yellow color is related to prosperity and monitory issues. The chemical formula of gemstone Sapphire is Al2O3 and the shape of crystal is hexagonal.

The color of Sapphire is depending upon the composition or impurities that the stone contains, usually this stone is a mixture of iron and titanium impurities. Sapphire belong to corundum, which is a rock made mineral and it is available in three forms of rocks like igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. The hardness of Sapphire is nine on Mohs hardness scale and it is second hardest gemstone after the Diamond. Colorless or transparent Sapphire can change its color by heating treatment in to intense blue and by this way improvement can bring in stone.

The color of this gemstone is defined by three main ingredients that it contains like the hue, tone and saturation. It is accepted by all gemstone experts that the price of gemstone depends upon colors, clarity, cut, and weight in carat similarly Sapphire is also included in this list. According to colors blue Sapphire is most demanded and popular, while other colors are also famous among public. Star sapphire is unique in its structure and exhibit six ray stars and twelve ray stars is also available. The star appears in the stone by cutting en cabochon method and in this way stone shows a cat’s eye effect. Mostly blue Sapphire is used in jewelry and ornaments.

Virgo Gemstone Meaning

The list below of astrological birthstones for Virgo, covers a good number of the stones that are known to be of benefit to anyone born within this star sign.

Citrine – This is Virgo gemstone that helps increase confidence and individuality. This stone can be used as a talisman for good luck. Energy on this stone is suitable to improve and attract good fortune to Virgo. Because it perfectly fits with the character of Virgo, Citrine is able to neutralize the frustration and generate excitement.

Blue Sapphire is a strong stone of the blue ray, that will energize the throat chakra and third eye chakra. This energy aids the birth of your inner visionary abilities and aids you to communicate more effectively.

Tiger eyes – Tiger eyes lead Virgo to not too far from the structure of the activities that have been planned and also help brighten the burden of daily life.

Azurite – Arc of Azurite energy bestows wisdom and truth to Virgo. This gemstone also helps to control excessive desire, improve the romantic and spiritual relationships that are more harmonious with nature.

Ametrine – It is kinds of multicolor stones are composed of Citrine and amethyst. This birthstone helps Virgo gain maturity. Ametrine also help Virgo to find a way of life that suited him. It also allows him to express his feelings the energy radiates from this gemstone can help to block negative energy attack that can inhibit the growth of creativity and spirituality of Virgo.

Jasper – Helps cultivate humility and restraint. jasper also to strengthen a sense of reality to the natural surroundings. Yellow jasper gemstone providing mental acuity to Virgo, meanwhile red jasper stone increase inner harmony. These jasper birthstones also provide physical and psychological strength for Virgo.

Gold Topaz – This stone is considered as a rock of wisdom and protection. Topaz gives Virgo the courage and perseverance to carry out their life plans. This ensures that they work honestly and able to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. Gold topaz is gemstone for Virgo that helps realize themselves with the surrounding circumstances.Topaz birthstone more suitable for girl. Gold Topaz is Virgo gemstone that will help to show feminism side for the wearer.

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