Dragon Virgo

Individual, sensitive, and idealistic, those born under the sign of the Dragon Virgo long to get the most out of life. They are very observant and may learn how to manipulate people and situations at an early age. Dragon Virgos instinctively know what role to play in various situations and have both the intellect and courage to improvise their way into getting what they want.

Though intellectuals in many respects, Dragon Virgos are primarily guided by their emotions. This is neither positive nor negative, it is simply the way their minds function. Because of this, members of this sign are often very sensitive to the way others treat them. Despite a certain social bravado, there is a fragility to them that drives many of their fears. These are sensitive souls who want nothing more than the love and respect of those around them. Without obvious gestures of adoration, Dragon Virgos may begin to doubt themselves which can lead to anxiety and depression.

Dragon Virgos tend to dwell on the mistakes of the past. They are often too sensitive and may interpret the words and actions of others as barbs directed at them when they are not even being discussed. When self-doubt and depression take over, members of this sign simply shut down. Like their animal namesakes they go into a form of “hibernation” where they basically stop accepting new mental input until they can afford to spend the energy to build themselves back up. When in this state of imbalance, they can be stubborn, inflexible, closed-minded and emotionally disconnected. When this happens it is best to let them pull themselves back together before trying to step in and help.

Members of this sign work hard to earn the respect of others. They lead from the heart, using the intellect as a support system, and are among the most resilient of all signs. This combination allows them to achieve great things as long as they make a conscious effort to stay positive despite the inevitable disappointments that life brings. As concerned as they are in managing their own sense of balance and ambition, it is also important for Dragon Virgos to share their lessons and their strength with others. In this way they can fulfill their ideals and give themselves a sense of purpose if they don’t already have one.

Dragon Virgo Traits

You’re continually divided between your innate desire for glory and prestige, and a necessarily more humble comportment. You’re perfectly conscious of the fact that your material means is limited as regards your aspirations. But this doesn’t prevent you from having much pride and haughtiness, being extremely susceptible, and bearing neither criticism nor contradiction.

The only weapons which you can use to make your glory are your devotion and your efficacy, for chance does not come along easily and you need powerful support. You’ve the sense of saving all the while being capable of generous gestures; but your not always justified fear of need puts a curb on such beautiful movements.

Your success in your career is above all due to your work and your patience. Your commercial and financial sense is very well developed. You know perfectly how to gather all the winning cards on your side. But you don’t always succeed in making yourself appreciated at your right value, probably because you lack self-confidence and nerve.

You’re pretty well reserved as far as the heart is concerned, never losing sight of questions of prestige or material advantages. Your sentiments can reach their full blooming only with good standing and within a conventional framework. But nothing prevents you from being an agreeable partner and an exemplary parent.

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