Goat Virgo

Intelligent, delicate, and well-mannered, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Goat Virgo are also some of the biggest dreamers in the world. This is one of the most creative signs there is, though even those closest to them may not know it. Goat Virgos tend to hide the majority of the truly fantastic ideas that exist in their minds, only sharing them when, and if, they finally feel confident enough to do so.

In fact, Goat Virgos keep a great deal of their thoughts inside. Perhaps this is because they live most of their lives inside their own minds. They are constantly running over different scenarios and plans in their minds, trying to figure out the best next move before they make it. Because of this, members of this sign tend to be worriers by nature. The amount of work they can do strictly in their heads can be exhausting, and the incredible potential of their ideas rarely sees fruition because of their indecisiveness and anxiety.

Those born under this sign have great style. They never like to leave the house without putting themselves together first. Even if this process takes hours, they make their look seem effortless. Presenting themselves well to others gives them a sense of control and helps offset the amount of chaos going on in their minds at any given time. If they could just focus their energy and trust their decisions, Goat Virgos could do amazing things.

Goat Virgo Traits

Contradictory tendencies coexist calmly in you — you can be at the same time methodical and imaginative, realistic and dreamy, attached to your security and ready to leave reality, egocentric and altruistic. You constantly swing from on pole to the other without causing waves or dramas.

In any case, you’re easy to live with. But you’re a little too ready to sacrifice yourself as if you were convinced that your happiness can be reached only at the price of certain concessions. Suffering from inherent worries, you need someone or a community on whom you can lean if you want to fare well.

You’re not very much gifted on the practical plane and loath to take risks. Your hesitations can harm you or cause you delays in the professional or social domain. Generally you can satisfy yourself with a dependent or obscure situation. You’ve exceptional gifts for foreign languages. Expression through the arts, music, or poetry allows you to assert yourself better in the way of success.

In love, you’re without great ambitions or pretensions. You prefer letting yourself be loved by someone who’s kind and comprehensive. And in return you offer calm affection and unfailing devotion.

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