Horse Virgo

Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Horse Virgo are unique, vibrant, and surprisingly delicate inside. A combination of the Tropical Sun sign of Virgo and the Chinese Zodiac’s sign of the Horse, members of this sign present two sets of personality traits that can be either complementary or contradictory. Virgo keeps the impatient Horse focused while the Horse brings out Virgo’s deep-seeded passion. When balanced correctly, these two very different personalities merge into an unstoppable powerhouse, capable of dreaming up and accomplishing the most amazing things. When unbalanced, though, they can easily spiral out of control. At their worst they can be bossy, hyper-critical, and inflexible. Deep down, many Horse Virgos lack true confidence in themselves and their quest to achieve great things can make them appear to others as self-involved and egotistical.

Horse Virgos are adventurous. They love to travel, but unlike many other signs, their primary goal is not for rest and relaxation. More than anything, they long for new experiences and believe that these experience help them to evolve. Members of this sign are naturally rebellious. They have a hard time relaxing and letting go without the use of alcohol or other drugs. Most need regular exercise to calm both the body and the mind.

Above all else, those born under this sign are resilient. Though they are somewhat sensitive, they can start over many times and will always be okay. They realize that life is a journey and they treasure each experience that gets them closer to what they want.

Horse Virgo Traits

Two natures clash in you, with various results — one sticks to security, the other dreams of adventures; one prefers arrivals, the other prefers starts. It would need little to make one give way to the other. Therefore, you’re rather shifty. But everything will be well if you know how to exploit your qualities of conscience, honesty, efficacy, and reflection.

You’re lovable, sympathetic, and of wholesome curiosity. You enjoy the esteem of those around you. Provided that your work thrills you and that you can enjoy certain freedom of action, your professional efficacy can be tremendous. You succeed without difficulty in an activity which requires business sense and organization faculty — as an administrator, high civil servant, businessman/woman, and so on. You can also do well in a career related to travels, foreign countries, law, or religion.

You look more for affective security than for great passionate experiences. Once in a union or marriage, you show great devotions. Your partner might reproach you for certain lack of imagination and fantasy, but would have no reason to be jealous. You’ll watch over your children as over the apple of your eyes.

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