Monkey Virgo

Intelligent, curious, and social, those born under the sign of the Monkey Virgo love nothing more than coming up with creative solutions to any kind of problem. This is the sign of thinkers and analysts, those inquisitive about how everything works. Members of this sign are often very intellectually advanced at an early age, and this strong desire to learn drives the majority of their life decisions as they grow up.

Many intellectual signs tend to be solitary, but Monkey Virgos are the rare breed that require a good amount of socialization. Their happiest moments are when they solve a puzzle or conquer a challenge. The sense of pride coming from their accomplishments is always a highlight of their days, but they can’t properly celebrate by themselves. Monkey Virgos need others around to share in their delight. They also need a certain amount of attention in order to feel resolved with one challenge and move onto the next.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Monkey Virgo do a great deal of their work on their own, but always come back to their social group at the end of the day. These colonies are made up of both friends and family, with each individual assisting as part of the team. This is the way that they thrive, and when they thrive, so does everyone around them.

Having Virgo as a sun sign, Monkey Virgos are natural caretakers. Members of this sign have a humanitarian leaning and despite the fact that they are intelligent enough to go conquer the stock market or manage corporate mergers, this idealism is what makes them who they are. In the modern world this is extremely easy to forget, even sometimes discouraged, but those born under this sign must know that their gifts are best used to serve the greater good. Those who attempt to use their power for selfish gain will find a surprisingly disappointing road ahead.

This is often the case for those born during the year of the Monkey, as all Monkey Virgos are. A quick grasp on intellectual matters in youth will inform much of their upbringing, and thus they will learn to enhance their self esteem through impressing others. As they get older the same accomplishments become less impressive to others and they will find that it becomes more and more difficult to exceed expectations. This is a key life lesson for all members of this sign. The challenge of growing up under one set of expectations will not match the true goals of the self later in life. Only those who have the courage to be who they want to be (and not who they are expected to be) will truly thrive in this lifetime.

Monkey Virgo Traits

In this combination, it’s rather the Monkey side that bears on the Virgo side. The former rids the second of its conformism and preconceived ideas and forces it to take risks. However, you preserve some precious Virgo qualities as well — exceptional intelligence, faculties of invention, sense of research and discovery.

One greatly appreciates your virtue of devotion and your concern for common welfare. One also loves your great realism. Careerwise, you’ve more capable of inventing than achieving things. You can succeed in all that’s related to research, biology, inventions, or team work in an avant-garde field. You also know how to make the most possible of other people’s competences. You need certain freedom so as to be able to work well.

But if you can be very efficacious in the professional domain, you’re rather clumsy in the amorous sphere. Attracted by the impossible in love, you regularly let yourself go to errors and sentimental disappointments. You tend to become infatuated with someone who’s inaccessible or already tied up. If you get married, a union based principally on friendship and mutual confidence would be most apt to make you happy.

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