Ox Virgo

Proud, sensitive, and hard working, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Ox Virgo are at the same time both very reflective of the past and focused on the future. They are strong willed, perceptive, and extremely intelligent individuals who often spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts. Ox Virgos expect more out of themselves than most signs, perhaps even too much.

Nobody likes to make mistakes, but Ox Virgos are particularly sensitive to feeling or looking foolish. Since they are very highly analytical they always try to have a logical solution to every situation, but human nature rarely conforms to logic and reason. This can be frustrating and make members of this sign feel as if they don’t have a place in the world or people who truly understand them.

Ox Virgos are logic-driven, but are also closet romantics. They don’t like to take risks, and must always have all of the information before making a decision. Their lives are carefully planned to avoid making mistakes or experiencing failure. Ironically, they are one of the most resilient signs in the Primal Zodiac. Just as their animal namesake can regenerate its body from a single remaining limb, those born under the sign of the Ox Virgo are much stronger and more resilient than they even know. There is tremendous strength in this sign, yet they sometimes act timid and weak in relationships, which those who care about them find frustrating as this is not their true nature but rather an unnecessary, if not limiting, role they subconsciously play.

Ox Virgos often feel like they have to choose between their own beautiful (if not a bit fantastic) vision of life and reality. Understandably, they don’t want to compromise. Members of this sign need to accept reality as it is while still trying to change it. This is the only true path to balance. Most will need to build a foundation of stability first, but after this is done, they should be careful about not continuing to focus on achievements and/or regrets; instead focus on enjoying what life has to offer, which always and only takes place “right now”.

Born in Virgo during the Year of the Ox, Ox Virgos face the challenge of finding a balance between the opposing natures of both signs. Virgo has a strong tendency to look at the past while the Ox tends to look toward the future. If this is the case, then who is living in the moment? Ox Virgos must take the time to slow down from chasing their big dreams to simply exist in a peaceful, restful state as their animal namesakes often do.

Ox Virgo Traits

Indiscipline, fantasy, and improvisation never have room in your way of life. You want to arrange, control, and foresee everything. You’re intelligent and conscientious but often too obstinate — you’ve difficulty returning back, you insist on being right at all cost, and you don’t bear contradiction. Under your simple manners hides a very secret and withdrawn personality.

In spite of your practical sense and your efficacy, your start in life is often slow and difficult. Numerous ups and downs mark you destiny, especially till your age of forty; thereafter you can hope for good stabilization if you avoid imprudences and don’t overrate you strength.

You possess great capacities for work. Your concrete intelligence allows you to constitute an appreciable capital. Professional or social success is slow and regular, by dint of perseverance and efforts. You’re very much gifted for commerce and all that’s related to the earth and real estate.

In love, you instinctively shield yourself against great passions. You’re wary of your heart as well as of that of others. You like to found a solid family and have many children. You’re always ready to devote yourself entirely to your beloved ones all the while domineering over them. Your children count enormously for you.

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