Pig Virgo

If there could only be one word to describe those born under this sign it would be optimistic. In fact, if anything Pig Virgo are the anti-cynics of the world. They are always trying to look on the bright side. Even if they are seen as prey by the predators of the world, Pig Virgo keep moving forward, keep living their lives. Despite disappointments they maintain faith in their fellow man.

They have a hard time saying “no”, especially when they know deep down that they should. That’s because members of this sign don’t like conflict of any kind. Pig Virgo always want to do the right thing, even if it requires sacrifice on their parts. In fact, few signs are as willing to give so much for the people and ideals that they believe in. Most Pig Virgo even end up in careers which primarily serve others.

Just don’t try to give them advice. While Pig Virgo are great at helping their friends with their problems, there is little that a friend can do to sway a Gazelle’s direction in life. This is a sign that is guided by an inner force - one so powerful and strong and filled with hope and fear that altering their course is a nearly impossible, unless they are the ones who choose to do so.

Pig Virgo have a reputation for being snobby, inflexible, stubborn headed. They are idealists who most often see things as black or white, right or wrong. Though they may come across as sentimental and romantic, they are actually very intelligent and are great organizers and researchers. All signs connected to Virgo need balance, and this sign is no exception. They should never allow their lives to become disorganized as this is surely the beginning of a downward spiral. Members of this sign need to stay focused and organized and always moving forward.

Pig Virgo benefit from the combination of the western sign of Virgo and the eastern sign of the Pig. The Pig’s positivity and compassion keep Pig Virgo from becoming too cold and unemotional while Virgo’s intellect and resilience prevent them from taking every disappointment too personally. The danger of this combination is that both core signs are very sensitive, even delicate. They can easily be taken advantage of due to their kindness and compassion. At the same time, this combination is emotionally strong enough to cry it out and start over again - always keeping the big picture in mind and believing that there is more good than bad in the world.

Pig Virgo Traits

In you, Pig imagination bears upon Virgo logic. You’re therefore more capricious than rational, more relaxed than methodical, more comprehensive than severe, and more charming than demanding. You’ve sharp intelligence, but it’s sufficiently tinted with tenderness and affectivity. Your personality is rich in qualities, which are better appreciated in female than male natives of this combination. Men would have difficulty freeing themselves from maternal influence.

You’re at the same time credulous and distrustful, somewhat mixed up and hesitant, which can impede your full blooming to certain extent. You also tend a little too much to confine yourself in the familial milieu and to have a ghetto or clan mentality.

You’ve enormous gifts for literature, philosophy, scientific studies. You also have a pedagogic interest in childhood and aptitude for teaching. In work, it’s your practical side that leaves to be desired — your judgment or initiatives are all too often based on your emotive reactions and not sufficiently on reasoning.

Family ties ordinarily play a primeval role in your destiny and can constitute a serious obstacle to your amorous quest. You look for a peaceful, eventless union, within which you’d feel protected and taken charge of.

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