Rat Virgo

Perceptive, deep, and independent, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rat Virgo are sensitive individuals who see life as a complex drama. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are survivalists who are good at finding creative but intellectual solutions to life’s challenges. Like a mouse in a maze, they use both instinct and logical analysis to move ahead despite the obstacles in their path.

Above all things, Mice are extremely observant. Though they are charming and social, they also take time in social situations to sit back and watch. It is important for Mice to know exactly how to relate to the different people around them and they can’t relax completely until they feel that they understand others and (more importantly) that others understand them. At the same time, few people are more difficult to truly, deeply know than Mice. Members of this sign do not like to share too much about themselves with others and despite their desire to live a wonderful, rich life they rarely take anyone else’s advice.

The sign of the Rat Virgo is one that is deeply rooted in intuition derived from perception. They are excellent analysts whose logic and idealism can sometimes overwhelm the gentler, kinder side of themselves. Ironically, they are quite bad at self-analysis and tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. Though they would never admit it, Mice are secretly impressed by wealth and status and long to have others look up to them for their mental acuity. The problem with Mice is that they see all the details but are almost always focused solely on the big picture. Anything in between is considered unimportant and is often overlooked.

Mice are willing to take risks to gain life experience. This life is all about experiences, and this is the sign that will keep getting up no matter how many times they get knocked down. In fact, Mice should expect big ups and downs in life, but along the way they must never forget who they are or who they want to be. Mice rarely ever compromise themselves or their integrity. While they are smart enough to be sneaky and ruthless, such behavior does not sit well with them.

They can, however, be controlling perfectionists who demand the best from others. This is an example of the darker side of the Rat Virgo personality. They spend so much time working on themselves and their lives that they don’t have much tolerance for those who don’t try to keep moving forward and bettering themselves. They can be judgmental, cold, and inflexible, and can even express very uncharacteristic thoughtless behavior when they are stressed. In times of stress and frustration, Mice can develop a false sense of self, thinking they are above other people or ideas. It’s not unusual for them to find themselves disappointed in others, which keeps them moving on to find new relationships and experiences. A Rat Virgo’s greatest weakness is that they have a hard time seeing things another person’s perspective.

Rat Virgo Traits

You proceed in life by regularly making two steps forward and one step backward. It’s impossible for you to let yourself go completely at a moment or another, for you prefer keeping a good control over your thoughts and gestures. You look for contact but need a universe of your own where you feel in security. Family life counts much for you; yet you try to react against its influence. You’re intelligent, but shifty or disconcerting. You’re not sure of yourself, but you like to challenge yourself and tease others.

Your social life is generally subject to great instability. You’ve the sense of business but somewhat lack breadth of view or enterprising spirit. Gifted for speech and writing, you can succeed brilliantly in these fields. You’re also a good intermediary and a clever tradesman/woman.

In love, your outbursts are continually curbed by your reason or your exacerbated critical sense. You can’t therefore strike up relations easily; above all you don’t want to be mistaken or let yourself be misled. A union of two sets of interests or of two intellects seems to you more desirable than great amorous outbursts. You’re an attentive partner, a conscientious parent, and a rather severe educator.

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