Rooster Virgo

Loyal, observant, and analytical, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rooster Virgo are devoted friends and family members who take on the role of caretaker with great passion. Few others are as eager to jump in and help a friend in need, and Rooster Virgos take great pride in this. More so than other signs, members of this sign like to fill a very specific role in the lives of other people, thus getting the majority of their own personal fulfillment through their service to others.

While this appears to be self-sacrificing behavior on the outside, Rooster Virgos are very specific about the nature in which they help. While they are genuinely concerned with the happiness of those close to them, they also help in order to prove how helpful they are. Through each success Rooster Virgos become more self-assured and justified in their approach. Unfortunately this also leads to arrogance and closed-mindedness when it comes to accepting or integrating the ideas and approaches of others. Members of this sign can easily fall into the trap of thinking they are smarter and more capable caretakers than others and may begin to lose perspective on the reality of the situation.

In the animal kingdom, Rooster Virgos were initially bred to serve a dual role - that of protector and director of livestock and the land they grazed upon. In a time before farmers had their land divided by fences, those with fertile grazing land would have to worry about livestock wandering away while outside livestock consumed all of their best resources. These small-statured dogs were the perfect caretakers for both concerns. They would keep each farmer’s livestock in its own territory by nipping at the heels of any animal who wandered outside of its respective boundary.

This is an astute and meaningful correlation to the Zodiac sign of the Rooster Virgo. Those born under this sign are caretakers and protectors of their own herd. They don’t mind be overtly bossy because this is part of the role which gives them purpose. Others may not like being herded as much as Rooster Virgos like herding them, but without someone or something to take care of it’s not unusual for members of this sign to feel lost in the world.

The biggest life challenge for Rooster Virgos will be learning how to live independently, which is ironic because both partner signs (Virgo and Rooster) are highly independent signs. Those born under this sign must understand that there are many roles to play in life and there must be some sense of fulfillment outside of the caretaker or managerial role. One cannot view life objectively if they never step away from their normal life long enough to see the big picture. It is far too easy for Rooster Virgos to lose perspective this way and take themselves and themselves far too seriously.

Rooster Virgo Traits

You always seem disquieting to those who don’t know you well. Indeed, you’re a personality who’s extremely secret and almost impossible to know. With your very observing and critical mind, you show terrifying willpower, intelligence, and lucidity. You also possess such cleverness as is sometimes deemed diabolical.

In spite of your real courage, you’ve a base of anguish which often manifest itself by impulses which are aggressive and dangerous not only for others but also for yourself. You’re faithful to your friends whom you defend staunchly. But, with the help of spite, you’re pitiless toward your enemies and all those who have the bad taste of disturbing you.

In work, you excel in profiting by the weaknesses of your adversaries and even of your partners. Opportunistic, you know how to impose yourself with great cleverness. Science, medicine, law, and psychology can be a good source of profits for you.

Heartwise, your passions are rather rare, but they are violent, capable of proving themselves devastating. Your amorous life is complicated, with love, hate, and jealousy joining together to create entangled and tense situations. You would need an extremely tolerant and comprehensive partner.

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