Snake Virgo

In the animal kingdom, there are different kinds of Snake Virgo. Some live near the surface, having only rare interaction with the limited world within their reach. Some live in the deep sea, and these Snake Virgo are more quiet and submissive, but in the darkness that surrounds them they glow bright with radiant colors in a spectacular show that is unmatched in the animal kingdom. Some are even giants, slowly flowing through life on their own journey in their own time. All are so brilliantly mysterious that even defining them seems like a challenge.

Like their animal namesakes, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Snake Virgo may sometimes strike out, but are typically quiet and keep to themselves. These are people who are deeply intellectual, swimming through the waters of their own mind, but cautious enough to warn outsiders not to get too close too quickly. For humans born under the sign of the Snake Virgo, their sting is just a warning - don’t get too close unless you are willing to risk getting hurt.

Snake Virgo are independent and instinctive, yet elegant and discrete. Everyone born under this sign has incredible intuition. They are not only excellent at logically dissecting and examining a situation but they also have a sort of “sixth sense” for understanding what is subconsciously driving certain people in certain directions. Members of this sign create their universe as they go. Their perception of “what is” is more important than what others, even experts, declare as truth. This brilliant and mysterious sign is known for their dedication to their own uniquely creative approach to life.

Many Snake Virgo have sensitive stomachs and digestive systems and must pay close attention to the things they eat and drink and how it makes them feel. Because of this Snake Virgo tend to be more focused on diet and nutrition than the average person. They also tend to be more sensitive to changes in the weather than usual.

Snake Virgo Traits

You proceed in life on the tips of your toes, you look at the world with frightened eyes. It’s in your vital interest to learn to overcome your paralyzing shyness, your excessive reserve, your obsessional fear of being judged or criticized. You must also defend yourself against strong tendencies to conformism and worries about what people can say.

You’ve much charm and kindness. But you’ve difficulty protecting and asserting yourself, for generally you don’t have enough will to fight — you hesitate, you change according to the influences you undergo. This comportment could be lived more easily by the female than the male natives of this combination. Men would have a rather weak character but would be appreciated by those around them because they’re very courteous and lovable; they would also be more concerned about make-believe than truth.

You’re a person of good counsel, keen on helping and taking care of others. Gifted for law, medicine, administration, the arts and letters, you can make a beautiful career in one of these disciplines. But you must not somewhat compromise your chances by leaning too heavily on your own logic and analysis.

Heartwise, you only dream of a peaceful and discreet conjugal life within the framework of good traditions. But your fears and hesitations can postpone your union or prevents you from entering it altogether.

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