Tiger Virgo

Unique, romantic, and resilient, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Tiger Virgo are capable of achieving great things. Tiger Virgos typically have a calm and care-free exterior, but inside they are bursting with ideas, passion, and a drive for success. What should be a combination of two contradictory signs is instead a marriage of personality traits that help balance each other out. The warm and immediate nature of the Tiger warms up Virgo’s tendency to close themselves off to others, and Virgo’s observant and analytical nature help keep the Tiger’s unpredictable and impulsive nature in check.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the Zodiac sign of Tiger Virgo prefer for life to move slowly, though they can be surprisingly quick and dangerous when challenged. In truth, members of this sign are rebels. Though they may not like this label, Tiger Virgos are born to fight for what they believe in and are highly sensitive to both personal and social injustice.

Inner conflict often comes with the intense drive to achieve and succeed battling the inner need for rational, intelligent planning. A recipe for frustration, members of this sign can be extremely intense when they finally get moving on a project, and it is often best to let them work alone. Achieving balance in life should be the number one goal of this sign. It will be challenging for Tiger Virgos to overpower and quiet down their ever moving mind, but only those who do will find a new focus and clarity that can help them achieve the greatness that they have always dreamed of.

Tiger Virgo Traits

Between two contradictory tendencies your personality swings perpetually. On one side, the Virgo incites you to egoism and search for security and comfort; on the other side, the Tiger pushes you toward adventures and fights. If you don’t succeed in choosing a definite way, you run the risk of spending your life in muddle and futility, and also of translating your interior conflicts into perpetual health troubles. But you can find your salvation and equilibrium in the altruistic way. In fact, you’ve much energy and courage so as to be at the service of others.

Your success in professional and material life is easy thanks to your strong ambition and your solid sense of responsibilities. You’re good in business, very clever at seizing opportune occasions and exploiting good situations, especially in commerce and industry. Humanitarian activities can be profitable to you in many respects.

Your sentimental outbursts can be strong and sincere, but they’re often tainted with cynicism and an inferiority complex. This could discourage good wills. You’ll achieve harmony if you show less egoism. A union more based on work or common interests than on passion would be a good solution for you.

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