Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

According to their mythological archetypes, Virgo and Aquarius compatibility should be strong, because both types seek to change the future, Virgo through healing and helping others, Aquarius through enlightening mankind about progressive changes to make. In real life, however, compatibility between these two zodiac signs is not always that straightforward.

Both partners in this relationship are united in their intellectual abilities, and their love of ideas and concepts. However, both signs are also emotionally cool and lacking in passion. For both Virgo and Aquarius, compatibility is best with a sign which can offer some warmth and sensuality to the match – in this couple, there could be altogether too much talking and nowhere near enough ardour. Sexual incompatibility is not the only problem for this budding partnership, either. Aquarius, the Visionary, won’t take kindly to Virgo’s criticism, well meaning or not, because Aquarius believes that he or she has all the answers. Virgo meanwhile, is interested in healing individuals, one at a time, in the here and now – for the Healer, Aquarius’ long term vision is distracting, unnecessary and a bit too airy fairy. Aquarius and Virgo compatibility is a case of a near miss, rather than a happily ever after.

Meanwhile, just as the relationship starts to warm up, Virgo will discover the rebellious streak which is never far from the surface in Aquarius, thanks to the sign’s ruler Uranus. Virgo is likely to be horrified by Aquarius’ casual disregard for the rules. Unfortunately, Aquarius is likely to be just as horrified by Virgo’s respect for authority and liking for the status quo. Virgo is quite a conformist at heart, and rebels only quietly with an interest in alternative lifestyles. Aquarius on the other hand is a non-conformist through and through and won’t cope well with Virgo’s routines and rules. Virgo and Aquarius compatibility faces some rough times while this couple works out which kind of lifestyle they want to adopt.

Aquarius is more than just a rebel: the zodiac’s Visionary is also very restless, and demands a certain amount of freedom. He or she needs to be free to change his or her mind on a whim, or to spontaneously decide on a course of action. This is alien to methodical Virgo, who likes to have not only a Plan A, but plans B and C as back up. For Virgo and Aquarius compatibility, this difference in approach can cause a lot of friction in daily life, and without the passion and sexual chemistry to draw them back together, it’s easy for this couple to drift apart.

Of course, the relationship can work for some. At their best, this couple will enjoy one another greatly on an intellectual level, and there are some things they can learn from each other. Virgo can learn to see past the detail and into the bigger picture, while Aquarius can learn to put some solid footing beneath their grand plans for a progressive world. Both signs are loving and caring in their own way, and there is a lot of mutual kindness. Neither will hurt the other for the sake of it, and they will try hard to get to grips with their elusive relationship. Ultimately, however, Virgo and Aquarius compatibility over the long term is an uphill struggle, unless other planets in the partners’ birth charts indicate at least some fire or water connection between the two.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility Scores

Virgo and Aquarius is often an easy friendship, but can be a harder match to make work as lovers. You’re both very intellectual and excellent communicators, and you’ll always have something to say and debate about. The mental side of this relationship is likely to be superb. So good, that in some ways it’s really more suited to a friendship than a sexual relationship in the long term.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Virgo and AquariusMediumMediumMedium

Virgo and Aquarius Relationships

A first date between Virgo and Aquarius should take place among a small group of friends at a trendy bar or restaurant. Virgos don’t like large, noisy crowds and Aquarius signs are at ease with a small circle of friends. Virgo needs a strong love mate who isn’t over emotional and can stand up for themselves. They are independent zodiac signs seeming cold and aloof. Beneath the exterior, however, is a loving and caring person.

To attract a Virgo, show ambition and intellect. Display your communication skills with conversations about relevant topics. Approach only if well read and bring conversations to a conclusion or agreeable close. Don’t be overemotional and don’t probe. Respect is the gateway to this lover’s bedroom.

Aquarius is an adventurous rebel. This zodiac sign is a deep thinker, needs physical space and freedom of expression. Aquarius people are somewhat aloof at first and prefer a mental connection prior to a sexual one. Many suitors will flock around and life will never be dull.

This zodiac sign looks for a partner who is just as frank, open and communicative. To attract the Aquarius lover, present confidence, independence and wisdom. Offer mental stimulation and challenging conversation. Capture the Aquarius’ mind to become the winner in this love match.

While Virgos are not overly romantic, sex is lovely and sensual. Aquarius signs are uninhibited lovers. They are passionate and experimental. Aquarius can teach Virgo to open up to freer more erotic sex life in the bedroom. The initial success of this relationship is based on their mental rapport. First it feels good. But when solutions are needed, Aquarius will act before thinking and Virgo will use the tried and true methods.

Aquarius will see Virgo’s pessimism versus their optimism. Virgo’s stability loses ground when Aquarius shows their dominating side. A relationship might be forged by blending the Aquarius’ inventiveness with Virgo’s clear thinking. Aside from freedom issues, Aquarius could teach Virgo imagination while Virgo teaches Aquarius stability and patience.

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