Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer find much to admire in one another, and they are drawn together through mutual fascination. Cancer and Virgo compatibility is pretty strong, and the Homemaker and the Healer can set up home for a lifetime, should they so choose. But what makes this water and earth combination work so well?

The secret is in the Cancer and Virgo’s shared outlook on life. Both of these signs are worriers, so both are seeking security and stability. For Cancer and Virgo compatibility, that’s a good start – each senses in the other someone who isn’t going to let them down. Cancer is a person of intuition and moods, whereas Virgo is a creature of intellect and logic, but this difference is actually healthy for both partners. When this love match works well, Virgo will learn to trust their intuition more, while Cancer will learn to take a more practical approach to life and its stresses. Virgo and Cancer compatibility essentially gives this team the best of both worlds and can be a very powerful cement for this relationship.

The Homemaker and the Healer share a nurturing side to their personalities. For Cancer, it’s all about taking care of loved ones in an emotional sense. For Virgo, it’s more about serving others and healing them on a practical level, but again, these different approaches complement one another rather than provoking conflict. When it comes to courtship, there are few signs more old fashioned than Virgo – and Cancer compatibility increases when a courtship is slow, dignified and sincere. Although both partners can be slightly shy in their day to day lives, they feel relaxed enough with one another to show their true selves, which is when love can begin to blossom. For Cancer and Virgo, compatibility thrives on the knowledge that they can trust each other.

Built on a foundation of common sense, hard work and desire to please each other, this couple’s relationship will be focused around the creation of a secure home base and a loving, close family. They’re not that bothered about an active social life and will prefer to keep themselves to themselves – but they may well surround themselves with plenty of animals as well as children. Cancer and Virgo compatibility also involves a lot of planning and well thought out goals. This is not a spontaneous couple, and they will have set ideas about where they are heading and what they want to achieve; given their combined strengths, they are more likely than many other couples to achieve those goals too.

At times, critical Virgo may undermine sensitive Cancer, and Cancer’s mood swings may prove infuriating for stable Virgo, but the couple do admire much about each other’s personalities, and will focus on that rather than on minor niggles. The Healer can benefit from Cancer’s emotional insight and intuition, and will learn to use those latent talents in themselves too. Meanwhile, the Homemaker is in awe of Virgo’s intelligence and practical abilities, and will gladly incorporate those into his or her plans for domestic bliss. Cancer and Virgo compatibility is a very equal relationship, with both partners playing an equally vital role.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility Scores

Virgo and Cancer is often a very good match which brings out the best in each of you. Communication and understanding in this relationship is likely to be particularly strong. Cancer Virgo is a very harmonious match, where you each will bring out the best in the other. You have a lot in common and will intuitively understand each other, and provide the support and stability you each enjoy. Unlike some partners, this is a person who will consistently build your self confidence.

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Virgo and CancerHighHighHigh

Virgo and Cancer Relationships

A first date between Cancer and Virgo could be as simple as a visit to a book store to relax and have coffee. Cancers like arty activities. Virgos typically like book stores, nature and health food. To attract a Virgo woman impress her with integrity, reliability and a little extravagance. To attract a Virgo man, show off perfectionism, nurturing and neatness. Virgos are classy and elegant and don’t like rude behavior or offensive language. They want conversations to have some sort of conclusion and deal in facts and details.

Once Cancer has an established confidence in Virgo, they will start nesting for a long-term relationship. The Cancer lover is emotional and caring underneath a tough exterior. Virgo and Cancer will have to work together to establish lifestyle security.

Cancer can be dominate or submissive in the bedroom. Sex is full of variety and vitality. Virgos love sex. They are open to new ideas and Cancer provides exotic fun suggestions. This sexual duo is passionate and perfect together in the bedroom. Cancer and Virgo are very compatible astrological signs.

Both enjoy everything that seduces the sensual senses. They will be drawn to each other, and make an almost perfect love match. Cancer will love showing a sensual side to Virgo. Virgo will provide the kinky love. This love relationship will be good but will go slow because of trust and analytical issues. Cancer is slow to open up and Virgo has to analyze everything before making a move. Both are worriers, but Virgo will recognize this in the Cancer lover and be attentive. Cancer provides support for Virgo and they will work through anything.

Keeping them compatible is their understanding of the others’ neuroses. Also, Cancer is sometimes the damsel in distress, and Virgo has a chivalrous streak. Cancer will give Virgo their much desired security while Virgos protective instinct will satisfy Cancer’s over dependency. The relationship and marriage will be happy and just right between Cancer and Virgo.

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