Virgo First Decan

First decan Virgo born between August 24 and September 3. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Mercury. They are sociable and friendly also helpful, intelligent and sympathetic. They are essentially disciplined, trustworthy and generous by nature. They tend to be orderly and meticulous in certain areas of their life, and are hard workers. They usually get whatever they want for themselves. They also possess a highly logical mind and give attention to details. In relationships, they are loyal, dependable and faithful!

The first Decan Virgo personality is characterized by a disciplined nature, trustworthiness and generosity. They have a tendency to be very methodical, disciplined and ordered in specific areas of your life. The order and neatness they give to the certain areas of their life, border on the obsessive. They work hard to achieve al they want. And with highly disciplined and logical mind they work best in careers that require dedication and attention to detail.

They are entirely honest and trustworthy. They make an excellent employee because of their work ethic. In relationships they are extremely loyal, dependable and faithful. They have a very generous nature and like to treat those they hold dear. They often put the needs of others before themselves and are seen as extremely caring.

Virgo First Decan - Physical Man of Mercury

In the first decan the power of Mercury produces conflict and duality which ultimately results in the right use of the critical aspect of the mind as the interpretive faculty in life. In the early stages however the outlook is very petty—perhaps microscopic is a better word. After all, at the rudimentary mental stage a sense of proportion, balance and common sense are severely lacking.

Here the thinker is incapable of producing anything inspired by the genius of their inner essence or spirit. To speak in symbols: not yet impregnated they are unable to conceive, so can appear quite cold, materialistic, soulless and sterile. Industrious nonetheless, they adapt their limited resources to the demands and necessities of their tiny sphere of work, with their horizon bounded by the circle of duty. As a rule they are not a dominant people but are well organized and incredibly efficient.

In this decan Virgoans seem unable to overcome handicaps and limitations as they inwardly quarrel with every adverse situation and circumstance. Here we find unstable minds self-absorbed in suffering, lacking confidence and composure. Highly skeptical, the rudimentary mind is busy tearing things and people apart. They can be very worrisome people full of agitation and also quite impossible to please. Intolerance, imbalance, disharmony and lack of equilibrium remain lifelong problems.

On the recessive side also, it is vital to note that Mercury over-stimulates the expression of impatience, irritability, ill humor and chronic discontent, thus often affecting the health and restricting the activities of work and service. Frequent ill health, constant turmoil, mistakes and poor diet do take a great toll. Ironically in this sign of health, Virgoans do not really know how to care for themselves, and they are fully capable of toiling unremittingly and dying from overwork.

While the personality struggles for stability, the Mercurial mind develops through the advent of constant crisis. In time nerves of steel are developed without feelings of fear, timidity or doubt. When sufficiently evolved the mental apparatus is known for its quick reactions, its capacity to promptly and accurately express immediate responses to external stimuli. The combination of a highly developed and concentrated mind along with cool emotions is a real asset in the fields of sport, fashion or in social life.

Eventually an exceedingly articulate, rational and concrete mental faculty is produced. In time the thinker becomes ever more critical, concentrated, rational, observant and analytical. The advanced mental type attempts to cultivate the perfect mind for exact science, with marvelous powers of lucidity, discrimination, separation and classification.

Consequently the clear-headed Virgoan makes an excellent worker in the factory, garage, field, home, laboratory, library, clinic, business or research office. Minute observations are natural to them, as is the ability to make careful measurement. They are excellent communicators, researchers and expert commentators in all fields. They are continually making minute adjustments attempting to harmonize and blend all elements within a given situation. This is practically impossible to accomplish without the submergence of personal ambition, a steady preservation of an inner contact, inner sensitivity, a decided emphasis on essentials and the ability to overlook personality reactions.

Lacking in spontaneity, excitement or adequate appreciation of certain basic appetites or natural pleasures, the Virgoan thinker is definitely non-intuitive. Their lives are restricted by a small range of personal interests. Often they live a lonely, isolated life. Overcome at times with frustration and depression, they are easily discouraged by the smallness of the part they have to play. Endeavoring to fit themselves for the functions of their work they do succeed in developing a strong inner integrity. They develop many varied forms of inner creativity. Through the right direction and orientation of the thought processes the purpose of the thinker is fulfilled. As they ascend into the higher mental planes the pulsating inner life increases its rate of vibration. The greater the increase, the more consciously they work in a creative manner.

Virgoans have a strong inherent sense of beauty and the capacity to produce, create and express. As progress is made in the elevation of the thought processes the mind becomes increasingly potent, overcoming early impotence. Thus, at the acme of the first rung, the evolved Mercurial type expresses real finesse and refinement. Artistic and aesthetic sensibilities are now sublimated to the highest possible levels. Mercury bestows many gifts, including a fighting or sporting spirit, musical ability, literary talents, spontaneity, improvisation and an ability to amuse, delight and entertain. Rapidly unfolding and struggling to develop a balanced perspective, whether or not scientifically or artistically inclined they learn to produce in some practical form through some creative or scientific medium.

As a general rule it is apparent that the Virgoan does not like strong contrasts of color, exaggeration or overly dramatic expression. Evolved types are known for their clear style, concise mastery of detail, keenness, judgment, moral criticism, strength and the polish of their writing. As they perfect their technique they truly excel in the mastery of details, and they can become prolific and quite capable of adapting their genius to the marketplace.

Some are caught in the crippling weakness of moral cowardice, tortured ambivalence, vacillation or indecisiveness, and all of these must be overcome. Here they eventually develop a real facility for bringing harmony out of conflict and grow psychologically through points of constant struggle and crisis. Dissonant crosscurrents of energy have an exaggerated effect on the temperamental, moody, over-sensitive Mercurial type. So as a result they must learn to master the ability to make peace, create reconciliation and demonstrate a mental facility for achieving compromise, mediation and the bridging of differences.

As evolutionary development becomes more rapid under Mercury the "star of conflict" (EA 357), their lives are characterized by constant movement, change, differentiation, continuous building and breaking. They make plans only to see those plans aborted, disrupted or destroyed. Their lives are filled with ceaseless suffering, frequent reaction to environing circumstances, numerous friendships begun and ended, and the agony of ceaseless mutation.

Through adaptability and a consciously cultivated pliability they learn to progress with less disruption and so overcome fixed and crystallized habits and routines. Dreams, visions and ideals are realized then discarded, and friends are left behind. All are transcended and then just seen as stations on the road. As they near the end of the material Path the cup is bitter indeed to drink and their lives seem utterly bereft. Unconscious of their innate soul, unconscious of the truth of their own being but realizing profoundly the ephemeral nature of the form—and of all forms—they stand utterly alone with naught else.

There is a true analogy here with the gestation period of an infant, the importance of its right placement in the womb, the breaking of the waters and the psychological release and expression of the Virgoan upon the physical plane. The key to the release of the burden of the Virgin comes about by cultivating responsiveness, aiming at mental expansion and emotional plasticity, in loving and continuous learning.

The conclusion of the first step is gained through the conscious effort to express the realization of the purpose of their creative life work. Through experience they have learned to center their forces on the mental plane and from there accomplish their purpose in generating those creative and imaginative thoughtforms which will mold and inspire the minds of others. According to the clarity of vision and the depth of inner realization, so will be the strength of the life given birth and its capacity to perform its intended function.

A growing conviction as to the existence of the soul which is the Self is evidenced at the apex of the first step. A structure of right living, conduct and thinking has been attained. The physical form that the soul is to occupy has been built and now the three-fold personality is to be vivified and consciously dwelled within. Evolution has carried forward the perfection of the physical mechanism to such an extent that it is now a coordinated, integrated organism, a structure ready for the use of the soul.

Through wrestling with matter over long aeons, the truth of their inner Self finally emerges into the light. Knowledge takes the place of theory and direct evidence takes the place of speculation. Conviction as to the life of the soul then takes place and direct investigation begins. An analysis of the nature, purpose and life of the soul receives full attention, for nothing can now arrest its birth upon the physical plane. The soul life enters the prepared personality and the inner germ which has lain dormant is fostered and brought to birth.

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