Virgo Second Decan

Second decan Virgo born between September 4 and September 13. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Saturn. The people born under this influence are blessed with great practicality and stability. They tend to be become willful and stubborn; these people are naturally programmed to do quite well after the age of 30. They can bring order to any chaotic situation. They also possess the tact required of a great manager. They also can direct others with motivation, delegation and assertiveness. Perfectionists to the core, they are often looked up by others, unless they tend to get overly critical of others.

The second Decan Virgo personality is characterized by brilliant organization skills, a strong will and tactfulness. They have a natural ability to bring order to even the most chaotic situations. They are unflappable, practical and disciplined. They have tremendous organizational skills and can direct others very well with motivation.

They are strong willed and determined to improve and better everything and everyone. They simply do not like things that are less than perfect. They are perfectionists and also expect and demand perfection in others and so become disappointed when others let them down. They are very diplomatic and tactful and are the sole of discretion. Secrets and confidences given to them are kept.

Virgo Second Decan - Emotional Man of Saturn

Saturn produces difficult and painful circumstances which force the Virgoan to make a choice in matters of love, work, relations and friendships. The undeveloped emotional type is characterized by chronic discontent, all manner of indecencies and ill humor. They really are quite cantankerousness, and capable of rebuffing the kindest remonstrance from a well-meaning person with complete denial or defiance.

Initially the astral Virgin is prone to see the dark side of everything. Suffering, resisting and quarreling with every imposed condition or small limitation is the norm. Adverse circumstances are invariably blamed for loneliness or failures. Saturn does produce stability and can and does aid in the creation of intimate and enduring friendships, but these continue only so long as there is a community of shared values. Divergent points of view are not tolerated by the immature emotional type and lead to separation. Disagreeable, ill-tempered and certainly prone to snap and growl, they cannot adapt to changes which have emotional implications beyond their limited range of feelings.

Needless to say, it is not difficult to understand why an emotional temperament under Saturn lacks enthusiasm and dwells within a straightjacket of constrained feelings. Security is found in the grinding mill of placid routine and the schedule of dreary drudgery without enterprise. When it comes to the administration of duties, responsibilities and tasks at home or at work the negative emotionally polarized Virgin performs her functions with real resentment, disdain and lack of kindness. If you were sick, for instance, this is not the nurse that you would want to take care of you.

The Virgoan temperament can be the most denigrating, dry, rigid, cold, dark, acerbic, inhospitable, sterile, stifling, frustrated and repressive in the entire zodiac. The recessive type therefore can be decidedly unhappy, unduly harsh, grim, dark, morbid, troubled, rude, callous, unyielding, non-accepting, heavy, critical, inaccurate, caustic, stifling, puritanical, petty, insecure, fearful, passive and melancholic.

At the height of emotional selfishness the Virgin is manipulative, unable to let go, controlling, authoritarian, forcing, unforgiving, cutting, biting, gossiping, chattering, sarcastic, insensitive, misdirected, isolated and judgmental. Affection or simple kindness is not the line of least resistance, so inferiors, patients or clients are routinely treated with unkindness and lack of sympathy.

Perhaps ironically, Virgoans can also be insincerely lavish in affection. As irrational human passion is not known or understood there is no opportunity to be swept away or lost in the beloved. The concept of self-surrender is not grasped, but then neither is the notion of conquest.

As a consequence we find no great emotional arousal here. Love affairs are few and usually remain unsatisfying, embittered and unfortunate. When outward signs and tokens of appreciation, admiration and attention are not evidenced, the emotional type appears cold and indifferent.

Saturn’s influence accounts for many unfortunate relations, bitter frustrations and resentful feelings. Living introverted lives like hermits or becoming recluses in their own workplace or home, these Virgoans are certainly not the frivolous or light-hearted members of our human family. As the causes are emotional not physical, internal abscesses, stomach problems and ulcerations are common forms of suffering and difficult to treat, cure or heal. Keep in mind though, Saturn’s influence also accounts for the humble nature of the sign type. Possessing an unconscious sense of shortcomings or a given lot in life, they are always content to accept less.

On the positive or active side the emotionally mature Virgin is precise, gentle, caring, nurturing, soft, open, satisfied, poised, observant, investigative, thorough, unrestricted, accepting, aware, idealistic, convincing and adaptive. Capable of great self-denial for their loved-one, often however they choose to remain unmarried because no-one can measure up to the minimal standards of perfection they require.

They are known for being highly structured, unremitting, tireless, organized, reliable and conscientious. Rendering service and aid to those who they believe deserve it, they will not lift a finger to aid those who do not work or are lazy or in some other way do not measure up. They are fair, honest, simple, prudent, unpretentious, patient, methodical, capable, constructive, witty, sympathetic, accepting, tasteful and diligent. In the work place they are serious, determined, effective, efficient, shrewd, dynamic and honorable. In the home and family they are devoted, persevering, well-equipped and observant. In personal taste and manner they are aesthetic, elegant, tasteful and well directed.

A complete openness to all people, emotions and situations enables the mature Virgoan to earnestly begin to discern the true from the false. They have a heart of gold—not easily melted, but when the heart is open it glows with brilliant luminosity, warmth and heat. The pure golden flame of true Virgoan love and affection rivals anything else found in any other sign of the zodiac. They know how people suffer, have learned to open their hearts and gained a realization of the sweetness, fragility and preciousness of life. They create a healing influence helping and serving others, and their presence is felt like a panacea. A growing sense of the wondrous beauty of life enables them to transform ugliness and chaos into beauty and order. A basic goodness and immense gratitude for being alive leads to the production of fruitful work and the cultivation of a devotional attitude.

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