Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope

This month, you are a skillful negotiator.

There is a full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. Virgo, you might meet with a family member who has a particular skill set. The two of you together could make an amazing team, but you don’t always see eye to eye on business. And so it would be wise to get the particulars in writing. Once the structure is in place, you can work quite harmoniously as a team.

On the seventeenth, Saturn in Pisces goes retrograde, and there is a new moon in Gemini. Virgo, something new is going on at your company. There might be new management our new rules due to a buyout. At the same time, someone from your past could be reaching out to offer you a job you once had. And it’s possible to negotiate a higher salary and maybe a better title. This could have possibilities.

Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus on June 26. Virgo, you might need to update some of your skills. This is possibly related to new technology or some new software for your job. It’s also possible that a new skill could be quite beneficial to your resume.

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