Virgo Monthly Career Horoscope

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You're so busy in July, Virgo native, that you might have to forgo a vacation. The first has Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius and your house of work. Now your desk is overloaded and your calendar is booked solid. You could be filling in for someone who's on leave, or you may have just taken on too many things. See what you can eliminate.

The new moon in Cancer is on July 9, and there may be some talk at your job about a salary increase or a better commission percentage. And while this may not happen right away, it's a sign that things are getting better.

The twenty-third brings the full moon in Aquarius and your house of routines. Over the next two weeks, you might find ways to become more productive through apps or streamlining tasks like using spreadsheet macros. You might be able to save yourself an hour or more every day.

On July 29, Mars enters your own sign of Virgo and your house of confidence and charisma. Over the next few weeks, you’re more apt to get what you want when you ask for it. This is a time to put yourself forward and make your wishes known.

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