Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

If there are things you want to say to your crush or ex, hold on just a little while longer. Mercury is in slow-paced Taurus early this month, which is a signal you might need to think about things more thoroughly before you communicate them. Being patient can stop you from making a fool of yourself.

However, globetrotting Mercury moves into air sign Gemini on the eleventh, giving you the urge to find love in distant places. If local dating hasn’t worked out, why not try your luck someplace else? Give international dating apps a try or book a trip. Let your wanderlust turn into actual lust!

On June 22, enlightenment-seeking asteroid Vesta also starts absorbing Gemini’s restless energy, encouraging you to do some serious soul-searching. Have you been distracting yourself with things that don’t really matter just to keep your mind off things that do? It’s time you stopped running from the important questions, Virgo.

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