Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

As the sun continues to shine in your intelligent sign at the beginning of the month, you make most of your romantic decisions with your brain and not your heart. Which isn’t a bad thing, but your love life could benefit from a little more spontaneity.

Love goddess Venus also partners with your pragmatic sign starting on September 4, so the important part of dating for you is more about showing up on time, being polite and having a neat appearance than anything else. But where’s the passion, Virgo?! Sometimes love is messy, and that’s something you need to get used to.

Your chatty home planet Mercury is headed retrograde when it backs up into your logical sign on the twenty-third, so you should be able to navigate the ups and down of this unpredictable communicative period fairly well. One word of caution: the more you talk, the more likely it is you’ll say something awkward or insulting. Try not to feel like you always have to fill every silence with trivial chatter.

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