Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Your informational leader Mercury is retrograde when January begins, which means you still might not be connecting with people in the way you want. Because Mercury is in like-minded Capricorn, however, you’re pretty reasonable when it comes to misunderstandings, etc. If you have to be the mature one, Virgo, so be it.

Luckily, there’s a relaxing Mercury-Neptune sextile on January 2 that allows you to keep things casual and just enjoy someone’s company for a change. Being “lazy” doesn’t always come naturally to you, but this laid-back energy makes you feel comfortable and at home, so lying around and just hanging out on a “date” feels good.

There’s strong experimental energy when the sun hooks up with quirky Aquarius and your house of chores and tasks on the twentieth, which means you can find new ways of doing things that will make them a lot more fun and productive. Would the time fly by more quickly with some help? Maybe a cute neighbor is available to lend a hand…

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