Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

One of the best topics of conversation with planned or potential dates this week is your job, Virgo. The sun is making its way through open-minded Gemini and your career zone now, so you don’t have as many hang-ups about talking about what you do for a living. Your ideal match right now is someone who will talk openly about their job too.

Also keep in mind that on Monday a Mars-Jupiter square rolls in and brings an uncertainty that could make you postpone or cancel plans altogether. While the circumstances might not totally be the other person’s fault, you suspect that they probably could have been avoided with some better planning. On second thought, it might be just as well that things fell through.

On a positive note, romantic Venus is moving through homebody Cancer this week, so you probably won’t feel like hitting the clubs or going out to loud concerts. Your ideal date is spent at home in a casual, comfy setting. And if you can find the perfect person to spend that kind of time with you, you’re thrilled.

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