Virgo 2021 Love Horoscope

Last year was a great social year and it will be tough to match it in 2021. But don’t let this get you down, you have a lot of freedom in love this year. The Cosmos in not pushing one way or the other. You can shape your social life as you will.

The truth is that many of you are less interested in social issues this year. Many of you found your beloved last year. Others are digesting the social highs of last year – letting the new social pattern happen as it will. And still others of you are interested in refining and purifying your present relationship and love attitudes, rather than seeking out new relationships.

My feeling is that the status quo will prevail here. Those who are married will stay married. Those who are still single will stay single. Your Love Planet (Neptune) in the Sign of Aquarius also tends to work against marriage, as there is a desire for freedom and no commitments.

The above refers to those who have never been married or who have been married twice in the past. Those of you who’ve been married once before are likely to remarry in 2021. Not only is serious romance in the stars, but also marriage.

The person seems older, traditional, stable in his or her ways; but also someone who likes to have a good time. Even the good times are well within the bounds of what society accepts.

With all of the change and experimentation going on in your life, a little traditionalism and stability seem good for you. The lover is someone you can look up to, someone who can teach you things. He or she is controlling, but from benevolent motives.

Singles will find love, not at discos or nightclubs, but at the doctor’s surgery or hospital – with someone involved with their health – the dentist or dental assistant, the doctor or nurse, the hospital administrator and the like. Many will find it at the workplace, with a co-worker or through an introduction made by a co-worker. Whether or not this love leads to marriage is another story, as mentioned.

Love attitudes are very pure this year and very Virgoan. Basically, love is expressed as service to the beloved. When you love someone you want to do things for them.

And you want the same treatment in return. Long-winded professions of love and the whispering of sweet nothings will not win the hearts of Virgo this year – not a good tactic with Virgo in any year, but especially not this year! Practical service will do it.

Those of you born later in the Sign – from 15th September onwards – could still marry this year as Jupiter will continue in your House of Marriage. But singles born early in the Sign will want freedom and no commitments.

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