Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Give yourself permission to get a little creative with your New Year’s resolutions, dear Virgo, because four celestial bodies are moving through Capricorn and your solar fifth house. Even if you are typically one of the more reserved members of the zodiac, this cosmic climate is all about having fun, enjoying life, and leading with an open heart. Your artistic abilities and social skills can also benefit from a significant boost, and an extroverted disposition will suddenly wash over you, allowing you to forge new bonds. However, you should be mindful to nurture your existing friendships as well, especially when it comes to your siblings and best buds.

You’ll notice that you’re in a position of power when the sun cozies up to Pluto on January 18, making it an ideal time to throw your weight around a bit. Good vibes continue to flow as Mercury ends its retrograde journey that day, helping you reclaim your sense of focus. Use this energy to bulldoze through obstacles that have held you back from your goals, and allow this newfound sense of confidence to lead you toward a better tomorrow. However, your aura might be a little intense for some, so it’s important that you be mindful of others during each interaction.

January Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! January is a month that will keep you on your toes.

Aquarius season kicks off on the twentieth, helping you bring new structures to your daily routines. If you’ve gotten into a bad habit of tardiness or disorganization, or you’ve fallen off your fitness plan, now would be a good time to recommit to living well and efficiently. The more you invest in your wellness right now, the easier it will be to reach your goals.

Standout days: 7, 8, 12
Challenging days: 5, 11, 26

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