Virgo 2021 Horoscope

Your creativity and imagination lead the way this year and can provide a positive undertone for growth and advancement. This is an important period in terms of your self-worth, and you are breaking the barriers standing in the way of self-acceptance, because you can see and appreciate your own fine qualities. To incorporate these changes, you will be challenged to eliminate elements from your personality that block free self-expression or prevent you from utilizing your talents to their fullest.
The energy of Jupiter in Capricorn transiting through your solar 5th house adds a boost to your creative self-expression. Regardless of the form of your special talents, you can improve your abilities and are likely to find a broader audience to appreciate them. This an excellent period to study with a master teacher who can help you make the most of your gifts. You also may find an individual who acts as a promoter, agent, or one whose energy opens vast opportunities for your artistry.
You may be drawn to spend more time with children, and if you have children, may have ample reasons to feel pride in them. Situations that allow you to extend a helping hand to others developing their own talents also can be highly rewarding on many lev-els. If you’re feeling a bit more playful, simply enjoy it and avoid the tendency to think that play is only a waste of time. Play may be the key to changing your destiny!
Additionally, this cycle is associated with an improvement in your luck or fortune. Investments made now can be promising, but you also must acknowledge your limitations in this regard, since you can feel compelled to stretch your budget beyond reasonable boundaries. Generally, you are likely to receive a more satisfying return on your investments. Overall, this period stimulates a desire to share love and give of yourself. All relationships can benefit from this cycle, because you are more likely to feel an increase in confidence and feel much more willing to allow love to transform your life. Ifyou’ve never allowed yourself to open to the feeling of freely flowing self-love, it will be easier now. After all, love is a circuit of energy originating deep within the center of yourself and as you open your heart, flows outward. That same love returns to you, but only ifyou remain open to receiving it.
The planets Uranus and Pluto are now fully expressive in their shifting cycles, which began on a limited level last year and will continue into the next century. As a result of their changes, you will begin to feel many defense mechanisms falling under closer scrutiny.
Most importantly, you are dropping any false notions about security. You’re ready to feel a connection within yourself which will lead to a closer union between that which resides within you and what you experience from the outside world. Illusions do not survive well under such influences, but dreams leading into a more complete expression of yourself are reborn, and flourish!
The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize the 2nd and 8th houses of your solar chart. This is the time to recognize the connection between your self-esteem and your material or financial values and worth. What you value is part of the intimate expression of your truest self, and you’re more inclined to explore values now. Just as crucial is the influence others have upon your sense of values, since you may be striving to achieve certain things because they are important to someone else.
You will be more fully satisfied if you’re putting your efforts in expressions and activities which are truly valuable and meaningful. Intimate relationships and partnerships also need careful review now, especially if you feel that you’ve lost (or have never achieved) the bond you desire. Examine your feelings about allowing another person into your inner sanctum. This, cycle, as you can see, contains some of the very same challenges as the Jupiter cycle. It looks like it’s time for you to enjoy love and loving!

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