Virgo April 2021 Horoscope

Transformations and an ideal of life in evolution! A planetary cluster in Aries with the Sun and Mercury (your planet) until the 19th and Venus until the 14th, invites you to impose a powerful introspection on your relationship to money. It also means changes or metamorphoses because your practical and rational approach is jostled by subtle energies.

Jupiter and Saturn boost the sphere of work and health, and you will see improvement in these areas, last two decans. Moreover, the socio-professional destiny is subject to the powerful energy of Mars, who inspires you to confidently accompany the rapidity of events likely to happen during this month. After the 20th, a bucolic and sensual climate settles down for your sign, your concept of life evolves, your sometimes timid optimism becomes clearer. In the last week, build castles in the sky!

Love in General:
Until the 20th, a destabilizing intensity for your intimate nature, could force you to review your emotional fundamentals and give you a moment of reflection and introspection concerning your way of loving. Mars wakes up your brain-based libido all month long, mischievousness and tenderness. From the 21st, you find your emotional serenity so dear to your heart, calm, charm and pleasure!

In a relationship:
Neptune always increases your perception of your other half, your exchanges are based on intuition and sometimes dreams, especially the last decan. During the month, you express your love with ardor but also clumsiness until the 19th, a surprise for your partner! Then, you find the delicacy of your gestures and words.

It is not obvious that you will meet that special someone during this month. However, Mars promotes your general destiny, a meeting based on sensuality is possible, will you be satisfied? Wait until the 20th for a more lasting romance, more in keeping with your sensitive emotional nature.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not look to control anything until the 20th, it would be futile. On the contrary, let the changes in you take place and whisper in your ear to accept the unknown. Do not focus on your work or your daily life. Stay zen!

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