Virgo February 2021 Horoscope

Work and others are honored! The energies in Aquarius, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn infuse your daily sphere, work or health, a significant dose of dynamism, a highlight, not always easy but absolutely needed for the future! Your skillful nature is challenged, be focused and effective, without unnecessary stress! Mercury, your planet, in a hyper-communicating sign facilitates your professional or health-related claims or demands. Mars and Uranus in Taurus in beautiful aspect to your constellation announce a rise of your ideal of life, desires of travel in unknown lands, a soft perfume from elsewhere inspires you! From the 19th, the Sun in Pisces illuminates your sector related to your intimate or contractual partner, find your relationship balance!

Love in General:
Your daily life is pleasant and rather surprising under the stimulating effects of Venus in Aquarius. You may feel the call of this new emotional phase, perhaps under the influence of a professional love at first sight, if you are already engaged, be aware of the consequences. Your sensual energy is powerful, whether together or solo, you're ready! Between feelings and desires, you choose!

In a relationship:
Your way of loving continues its moult and invites you to deploy this new emotional intensity in your relationship, supported by Mars and Uranus as a sign of earth you breathe the vibrant love! Venus in Aquarius could however try to pull the wool over your eyes under the desire of change. Be careful!

Your chances of changing your emotional status are sharper at the end of the month. Until the 25th your daily life occupies all your thoughts and your energy. This planet of desire in beautiful aspect to your sign can indicate meetings and pleasure, not made to last but is this what you wait for?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A new cycle of your professional life continues to change your daily routine and your well-being, last two decans. This month is to live with calm and by taking a step back. Whatever happens unexpectedly, welcome it with all the mastery that characterizes you.

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