Virgo January 2021 Horoscope

Emotional satisfaction in sight! The Sun in Capricorn until the 19th, supported by Mercury, your planet, until the 9th, facilitates good relationships with your children, if you are parent, or in love if you are! You are energetic for your pecuniary business until the 6th, then your ideal of life occupies your activities boosted by Mars in Taurus.

Some home remodeling is possible before the 10th, do not get annoyed if things are more complex than expected. Your marital or associative life continues its moult, second decan. From the 20th, a planetary cluster in Aquarius, the Sun, Mercury Jupiter and Saturn occupies your sector of work or daily life, you will be productive, efficient, communicating and ultra-serious, especially the first decan. The beginning of the year is promising dear Virgo!

Love in General:
You are pampered! Your emotional sector receives the beautiful presence of the Sun until the 19th, Mercury until the 9th, Venus from the 10th to the 31st and they are all in harmony with your sign. Passion, fruitful exchanges, exacerbated creativity and peace of heart. The constructive energy of Mars in Taurus from the 7th announces a healthy libido coupled with an idealistic impulse unusual to your intimate nature. Success!

In a relationship:
Happiness in your relationship is easy! The sky promotes both your feelings, your sensual energy and your communication, which is sometimes expressively emotional and soothing in your daily life. Let go of some indiscretions at home or in the family and refocus on the love you share with your other half with ease.

Beautiful influxes directly affecting the love sector indicate real chances to make a quality encounter. After the 10th, Venus in beautiful aspect of Mars and Pluto boosts your seduction capital and your chances of falling in love. An inspired person could tumble on your life path!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
It's a very nice start to the year which opens to you! First decan you welcome the heavyweights of the zodiac coming to structure your daily life, no stress. The whole sign is pampered on the emotional level, take full advantage of these beneficial energies of love.

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