Virgo March 2021 Horoscope

A beautiful cluster in Pisces faces your sign, the Sun until the 20th, Mercury from the 16th to the 31st, Venus until the 21st and Neptune all month, promotes your intimate relationship and announces repercussions in events beyond this month! Others inspire you, your mind goes out of your comfort zone and thinks about the future.

The sector of work is touched by powerful energies, Jupiter and Saturn install a bit of a serious climate but one that is very constructive for your professional development. Mars in Gemini from the 5th, in your sector related to your socio-professional destiny, boosts your ambition and your dynamism but can cause some clashes with your hierarchy, stay flexible. From the 21st, the energies of Aries invite you to reflect on your life.

Love in General:
Your love life is definitely favored at least until the 21st, the Sun and Venus in an area of your life attached to your intimate life, announce it. Mercury, your planet, in Pisces from the 16th to the 31st, facilitates your intimate exchanges while Mars connects your desires to more intellectual satisfactions than sensual ones. Live your feelings deeply for once!

In a relationship:
It rolls until the 21st! Your other half wants to seduce you and make your heart vibrate, an objective that is reached during the month! Then, your feelings become more intense from the 22nd, maybe a bit of doubt could tarnish your complicity? Your sensitive communication helps to keep your conjugal agreement.

From the last decan, a passionate meeting could fall on you! For others, your chances of meeting your special someone are concentrated before the 21st, open your eyes either in your daily life or in your professional circle. Your morale is tender from the 16th, your words are a hit!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The monthly climate looks nice for your sign, you place a great empahsis on your partner and the others, it gives you an opening in your relationships that makes you feel good. Changes in your life are going on, live them without fear, the sky is always a visionary!

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