Virgo May 2021 Horoscope

A focus on your ideal of life and your socio-professional destiny! The energies of Taurus until the 20th awaken you to a change in your way of life, perhaps some inspiration from elsewhere and a renewal? Mars in Cancer, in beautiful aspect to your sign, opens beautiful opportunities for relationships and especially friendships, your faithful circle surrounds you and stimulates you! Mercury, your planet, in Gemini from the 5th to the 31st, enhances your appeal for work, communication and serious exchanges. Neptune continues to soften your intimate relationship, last decan. From the 21st, a cluster in Gemini, the Sun, Mercury and Venus brings to your professional sphere support, timely contacts and a pleasant share of charm that will earn you many successes. Do not abuse it!

Love in General:
Your intimate nature is modest and sensitive, it appreciates the influx of Venus in Taurus until the 9th: your desires are elsewhere in beautiful company and a tenderness is increased tenfold! Mars, the star of desire, sends you its stimulating effects throughout the month, to you a fine sensuality that is dynamic! On the 21st, the atmosphere is changing, your desire is intact but your professional business takes up all your time!

In a relationship:
Your other half should appreciate this renewal of caresses and tenderness which announces itself until at least the 10th. Your complicity is clearer if you are of the last decan, for the others, you communicate with a lot of intuition and your intimate relationships are of a deep sensitivity. After the 21st, forget work!

With Mars in your sign throughout the month, your punch and your determination to come across your soulmate takes a grandiose pace! Venus supports you until the 10th and then this beautiful influx leaves you a little, act before, in order to optimize the heavenly promises! Look after your communication and banish your shyness that is nevertheless touching!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Jupiter starts in your marital sector as of the 14th, legal changes are coming for your greater good and your intimate duo, if you are two, it may well become serious. Isn

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