Virgo Woman in Love

The Virgo female is a perfectionist, and her mate would do well to remember that at all times. On the other hand, she can be such a softie that she will willingly overlook trivial faults if she feels that the other person is vulnerable. This makes her feel independent and individualistic, as though she can run the whole show, which she does uncomplainingly if she feels respected in the relationship. She will coolly observe and remember the little things, and question her mate’s statements and actions from time to time until she is convinced everything between them is in perfect coordination.

The Virgo gal is intelligent and rational in her thought process, so she is not going to be easy to convince of the other’s point of view, unless she is sure of the reasoning and research. She doesn’t believe in ego massages, so as a partner, one should not expect her to hang on to his every word, or agree with his opinions. Never mistake a practical Virgo Female following her heart over her head; she may be sentimental and romantic, but she’s not blind in love.

Virgo Woman in Love & Relationships

If your image of the Virgo woman is of someone who will keep the house clean and tidy and have your meals ready for you when you want them, you may be lucky, but if you are, beware what lies beneath the well-ordered environment. The Virgo woman tends to be very thoughtful and to have strongly held opinions which she wishes to communicate to you and to which, after some careful discussion, she wants you to agree. Her opinions will have been arrived at after careful thought, which may, however, have omitted to consider some important matters. Virgo is an earthy sign and does not look up to see the bigger picture. To the Virgo woman a forest is a collection of individual trees whose needs are to be considered apart from the whole. The forest as a whole may benefit from the cutting down of some individual trees and from the creation of clearings, but all she can see are her precious single trees.

If you can learn to be content with some cool detachment, you can enjoy the love your Virgo woman shows you by accepting her desire to serve you in practical ways. She may be naturally rather shy and retiring, but an opportunity to correct some minor detail that is out of line, either in your life or in the world at large will draw her out. She may not exhibit much passion, but she enjoys being helpful, and a simple expression of appreciation from you will help bring you closer together.

Concern for health and diet is a traditional interest for Virgo, and you may feel the practical ways in which she expresses these to be somewhat finicky, and that a more enthusiastic engagement with all that the world has to offer would also benefit physical well-being. Have respect for the concerns of the woman you love, and, if she can take it, tease her into looking at such matters from a wider perspective.

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