Virgo Man Cheating

The Virgo man is a particularly loyal person, and gains much satisfaction from building and maintaining a healthy and functional relationship and lifestyle. Treat him well and he will enjoy doing the same for you. If you’re too unstable, unpredictable, immature etc then he may begin to feel like a parent. While often reserved towards strangers, Virgos show a very different side of themselves to friends and loved ones and tend to be highly entertaining and stimulating conversationalists, offering insights on almost any subject. If he seems too serious, it’s likely that will change later!

Virgos cheat like Bond… James Bond. If you’re in a relationship with a married Virgo, your dates will be full of adventures and mystery. They will give you a code name and you’ll meet them at different locations at specific times. Virgo’s partner will never find out they’re cheating. They’re so good at hiding things. The only way for a Virgo’s partner to find out they’re having an affair is if Virgo decides to actually confess what’s been going on.

Sure Ways to Know Virgo Man Cheating on You

A Virgo lose or misplace a bill? Unheard of. So there’s a place to look. Many guys are careless about charges for the other woman on the cell phone bills, credit cards and phone bills. Or a Virgo change a routine? Are you kidding. Well if you always paid the bills and now he wants to, or you go looking and can’t "find" a bill, there’s trouble. Check the bills. One woman I read for found out he had charged $800 one month on the cell phone. Roaming charges, oh yes. Check for lots of calls to one number, and one that you’re not familiar with.

Virgo is a serious sign and these individuals can sometimes be too hard on themselves, but it’s also typically a very grounded and loyal Earth sign. That said, if your Virgo becomes frustrated because they don’t feel you’re giving them enough or you’re being too critical of them, they may become overly critical of you, too, and cheat on their way to finding someone new. Let your Virgo know you love them just the way they are and you’ll get a loyal, loving partner in return.

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