Virgo Man and Aries Woman

Virgo and Aries is a little difficult combination and have its merits and demerits. Both of them are simple in their needs but their needs are quite different as Aries likes stimulation and excitement while Virgo needs security and slow movements. Still together they both can be very active and very honest to each other in all the ways.

Aries people have the exciting enthusiasm which never sweeps away and is always fresh as a dew drop. They are strong and courageous and always ready to take up the first step without any trace of fear in their nature. Aries likes to live in the moment and though impulsive and rash thought, leaves a large window for problems to occur, they are ready to take all that head-on. With this aggressive nature dwells a restlessness that waits for no one, not even rational thought at times. They are not bothered by the cautions others use by analyzing situations, they proceed to act based on emotions rather than intellect. Though Aries people think they are at times invincible, they pay little attention to their physical health and somehow can still remain somewhat disease free and attractive.

Virgos, on the other hand, rely on their intellect to live practical lives. They do not believe that pure feeling of emotions can help them in life. They just don’t trust them. They feel them to be a part of an underdeveloped primitive brain. Instead they rely on their reason, their wits and their ability to analyze enormous amounts of detailed information. Virgos can easily analyze a situation and can be quite critical regarding it, if needed. Virgos are also very aware of their bodies and physical condition. Virgos are success hungry, but take short, calculated and precise steps to reach it. When angry, Virgos do not lash out, but they keep the feelings deep inside to hide it from others, but more importantly themselves.

Virgo Man and Aries Woman Compatibility

The astrological compatibility of earth and fire is debatable; this element combination usually makes for great friends, but not necessarily much romance. With Virgo and Aries, however, we can see a great example of complementary personalities working together for mutual benefit.

Both of them are usually quick to help others, although their motivations are somewhat different. It’s true that both of them lean towards purity of purpose. Aries and Virgo both search for truth in things and value themselves as keepers of the truth. And as it would be, the Aries can’t help but feel the stern gaze of disappointment when they are late, acting impulsive or irrational and flaunting arrogance. The Aries does not take any criticism from the Virgo lightly. Aries is a winner and feel that they are perfection. The Virgos often feel that the Aries are being unnecessarily extravagant. Nevertheless, they are careful to maintain politeness when they are annoyed, so their irritability is softened by their typical courtesy and the Aries is left not feeling inadequate.

Aries can find Virgo to be bit cold or fussy due to their analytical pursuit for clarity. Many people find this true, however, Virgos are very sentimental, but do not express it for another to perceive it. They keep it inside along with the rest of any easily perceived emotion or feeling. Virgos are frequently nervous around Aries people because they dislike being openly firm and dealing with an Aries requires, at times, being openly firm. The Aries’ spontaneity can cause Virgo to feel uneasy because of being helpless to change a situation, so they sometimes try to cover the feelings with a judgmental attitude and disapproval. With this comes the roadblock for the Aries. They just don’t seem to have the time or patience for someone to tell them how wrong they are. And they are bored with the calm and collected discussions of reason and practical living. “How dare anyone judge me” — is a typical Aries exclamation. Instead, Aries responds better through the generosity of others and when shown the positives of one’s spirit which they find to be pure beauty.

Apart from of all these split-offs in their personality patterns, the Aries and the Virgos can find a strange comfort in any relationship when their paths cross. Business, admiration and respect and a mutual desire to help one another nearly always results from the association. If its friendship or they are colleagues it probably takes a business twist somewhere along the way due to the needs to succeed and even compete, which usually turns out to be a great success. In the family circle, if they are siblings or relatives, there is also a satisfaction of the possible outcomes through this blending of the two divergent natures. Aries and Virgo often confide in each other even their darkest secrets and have the virtues to never tell a soul. Love relationship can also be turned into a beautiful blend of enthusiasm and reliability if they are flexible. Parenthood is always taken with care by both of them. They involve in this responsibility late and cautiously but once they are there, they prove to be very caring parents.

Troubles may pour in one way or the other in the relations of Aries and Virgos as they are different at many levels. Aries usually find Virgos insensitive while Virgos find Aries careless and foolish. Their approach towards finances and dealing is also completely opposite which leads to tiffs. Blending these two can be a smooth transition, but it takes a definite level of understanding each virtues. Any time spent addressing the differences between these two is a horrible mistake. Instead they should take the time to learn from each other’s strengths and how to apply them to a successful life. Virgo can teach Aries the art of calculating and the gifts of patience. Aries can teach Virgos to discover and trust in their instincts and feelings and in all begin to believe in themselves as well as people in general.

Marriage Between Virgo Man and Aries Woman

When marriage happens between a Virgo male and Aries female, they enjoy a beautiful life holding hands. Virgo man showers his Aries girl with the sincerest love all his life. She loves and respects her man for his loyalty in their marriage. He impresses her with his perfectionist approach. He makes her feel secure and comfortable by helping her come out of insecurities and fears. He also adores his lady for her unconditional support and love.

She makes him feel special by taking care of all his needs and helping him achieve his goals. She knows how to sooth away all his worries and tensions with her love. She adds colors to his life and makes it more interesting. She teaches him to break-free and enjoy life like never before. She never lets him get bored of mundane activities and keeps adding new flavors to their marital bond. When they both start to live with each other, they experience a soothing satisfaction in every phase of life. They find their life more stable and are able to unite for life.

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