Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

The Virgo and Scorpio combination is not a very easy one but definitely an interesting one if they get along nicely. Trust doesn’t come to them easily but they always feel safe in each other’s company. Though Virgo believes more in practicality and Scorpio in emotions, but still they find a common bond to keep them intact.

Virgo are very practical people with strong intellect. They are usually ambitious, and take short, intended and accurate steps to reach the desired destination. Virgo are determined and once they set their mind on doing something they complete it with great achievement. They are very judgmental of people, but always willing to give a helping hand. They go above and beyond for anyone whom they find deserving. They may seem selfish at first, but they are always givers. They fear any type of commitment and are emotionally very unresponsive as well. Virgo do not have the self-confidence as for them it implies that one is perfect, or near-perfect, and Virgo are only too aware of all the imperfections.

Scorpio are intense in everything they do. They are stubborn and self controlled and dominate their life and cannot be lead anywhere they do not wish to go. They remain cool, calm and clever, so no one can see anything coming. Beneath this calm demeanor, the Scorpio are full of emotional energy. Scorpio can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. Their suspicions are a big part of them as are their expectations. They are strong individuals and give their trust and loyalty to everyone who shows they deserve it. They are very in tuned to the people around them. They can smell weakness in others and show sympathy and an uncanny patience.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Communication will be good in this relationship when Scorpio and Virgo compatibility is working well. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the natural communicator, while Scorpio traditionally is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion. This couple’s debates, although heated, will be productive too, and they will usually find a way forwards through any difficulties. However, Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, planet of destruction and transformation. In a worst case scenario, Scorpio can overpower Virgo at will, and because Virgo likes to serve someone else, an unscrupulous Scorpio can take advantage of this. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgo compatibility with Scorpio can be the most like a dominant/submissive relationship, and not necessarily in a good way. Taken to extremes, this relationship can be very tricky for Virgo to escape from, but fortunately the majority of Scorpios are very far removed from the dark and dangerous stereotypes of their sign.

Scorpio loves the practicality Virgo have to offer as this makes them think in a new direction. Virgo always believe there are more room to improve things in themselves and others to get as much close to perfection as possible. The Scorpio adores this trait of the Virgo. This trait can bring the Scorpio and Virgo extremely and unexpectedly close. Around the Scorpio, the Virgo finally seems to have some form of peace and tranquility. Virgo loves Scorpio’s ability to set goals and follow through with them. Both like to keep busy, while remaining productive. While Virgo are busy analyzing the daily schedule, it gives Scorpio the time they need to spend alone. Scorpio and Virgo are both intelligent and structured, which caused a positive relationship between the two in all the possible forms. When there is a connection between the Virgo and the Scorpio, Virgo enjoy the fierce dependability the Scorpio have to offer them while Scorpio enjoy their perfection in everyday life making world a better place to live in.

Scorpio are passionate and intense, perhaps even challenging. If they sense passion and commitment is missing or waning out in Virgo, they start finding their relationship and interaction boring. This is because Scorpio are somewhat addicted to emotional excitement. But Virgo are usually flexible and tend to bend according to the wishes and needs of Scorpio. This is something that is truly appreciated by Scorpio and returned with full devotion and respect. This pairing is hard to break in almost all relationships. As they understand each other’s different styles, the combination can be very graceful and smooth. Problems generally arise between the differences in focus. Both of you are committed to making your relationship last, but you value practical expressions of commitment, while your partner values emotional ones. Subtle control issues may be the source of problems over time. If your partner senses any emotional distance on your part, he/she may use various means to regain some sense of control. Generally, you only appear “distant” because you are busy tending to the cogs in the machine of your relationship.

There are the differences that cause minor to large problems between these two zodiac signs. Virgo believe they have the ability to solve any and everyone’s problems. However, Scorpio do not tolerate for a moment the analytical ways of Virgo. Scorpio are not fond of the pessimism that the Virgo bring to the table. Scorpio already knows that they are good people. They don’t need reassurance from Virgo. The pat on the head Virgo occasionally give only causes the Scorpio to become annoyed. The Scorpio often becomes suspicious of the little gestures given by the Virgo. And Virgo hates the suspicious nature of Scorpio as this makes them feel uneasy. But once these two zodiac-signs are bound by nature, and once together, they stay together forever.

Marriage Between Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

When a Virgo male falls for a Scorpio female, he instantly knows that he is with the right woman. He feels comfortable and happy with his Scorpio woman who is very much like him. She is intelligent like him and is as dedicated as him towards their marriage. Both partners love to gain more and more knowledge and have a purpose in life. She always gives her best self to their marriage. She is always there for her man she loves and provides him with her support at every step. This support and care gives more strength to their marriage.

When they enjoy a smooth life, they love to take their relationship to higher levels and don’t hesitate in starting a family. Their association has the power to accomplish so many things in life. The couple does face rough phases in their marriage but she knows how to put an end to it and he also masters the skill of persuading his woman. No matter how intense is the situation; they both are able to deal with it effectively. With time, their bond gets better and sweeter. His stability and her warmth help them create a unifying bond.

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